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GB50AML - Goonhilly Earth Satellite Station - Lizard

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    GB50AML - Goonhilly Earth Satellite Station - Lizard

    On 20th July members of the Poldhu Amateur Radio Club will be operating GB50AML from the Goonhilly Earth Satellite Station near the Lizard in Cornwall. This is to commemorate the part Goonhilly played in relaying TV signals of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing 50 years ago. Bands/modes will be 40m ssb and 20m cw and ssb.

    The images were sent from the Moon at 10 frames per second and 320 lines per frame. They were then converted to 525 NTSC in Sidney Australia. The pictures were received directly from the Moon by the Parkes Obsevatory and Honeysuckle Creek in Australia. The larger Parkes 210ft dish produced better results from which came the images we saw. The transmission was passed, via Sidney,to the Moree Ground Station, Australia for transmission by Geostationary satellite to Jamesburg Earth Station, Goldstone, California where it was sent to Houston via land line.

    The images were then distributed to Andover, Maine where the Earth Station transmitted them via Geostationary Satellite (Intelsat 1 "Early Bird") to Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station in Cornwall using Aerial 2. The images were then passed via microwave links to London and the BBC, where they were converted to 625 and 405 line for UK distribution and also passed on to the rest of Europe via the BBC.
    There were few problems and anomalies along the way but this was state of the art stuff.
    Robin - M0RRX (retired Goonhilly engineer)
    QSL via G3UCQ, ClubLog preferred.

    GB50AML Goonhilly Earth Station, Lizard, Cornwall, England
    73 Al 4L5A