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1-st International Martial Arts Congress and XI-th Anniversary of Martial Arts School Raimei

In general

1-st International Martial Arts Congress and XI-th Anniversary of Martial Arts School Raimei event happened on 27-th April 2019. The goal of the congress is to unite people who happen to train various versions of martial arts in one place. That is a one way to improve skills, knowledge and exchange experiences in the field of defense system sports.

This year the meeting had the international character – we had guests from Czech. A instructor and some of his students.

This years event was special – is was dedicated to the memory of Renshi Rafał Habil (5th Dan Combat Aikido) who was the founder of the first club in Combat Aikido system in Rzeszów called “Combat Aikido Raimei” later the name changed to “Martial Arts School Raimei”

On the 12-th March 2019 the school hit a very hard moment.

The “Sensei” – It was a nickname between friends outside of dojo and actual martial arts students – had suddenly died. This information was shocking not only for the family, but for the whole martial arts society who happened to know Renshi Rafał.

Sensei had two sons – Wiktor and Bartosz.

Wiktor is a smart kid. He is quite a talented martial arts student. He trained under the guidance of his father who happened to be his master too. He had been seen very active on some of the martial arts events. He also managed to work his way to one of the higher student grades for kids.

Bartosz had not had such opportunity. He was born in 2014 as a premature baby with cerebral hemorrhage IV and a general reduction in muscle tone of the whole body. Despite of his health, he is a very happy child who may surprise in the way of being positive. He is very curios of the world and a funny guy. He is a hugger!!

There is a away to help him – more info in Polish here: https://pomagam.pl/dlabartoszahabila

Martial Arts School managed to reorganize. Some of the students have already been on the master grades (at least 1st dan Combat Aikido) and some of them have already created the instructor permissions to train students. Having that in mind the school was able to start trainings in a week after the sudden death of the founder of Raimei.

“Sensei” was a very specific person who knew how to talk to people. You always wanted to talk to him or just spend time in his company. He created a society that did not have the limits of age. He built his school on that the atmosphere, climate and respect for each other are just a few of the most important features.

The school is going to organize such Martial Arts events yearly in April that will be the next anniversaries of the school (founded 25th April 2008). The “In memory of” sign will be the icon of the history of the school for the remembrance of Renshi Rafał to never forget his teachings and his attributes of the person. This is the fundament of the school.

More about the school

Martial Arts School Raimei was created on Rafał principles. Combat Aikido is one of the versions of tradicional Aikido – it does not change the dojo rules at all. While training the participants are respectful to each other however, they do talk in a direct way. There is no room for competition between each other for all values of superiority. There are people who have been training for a long time, but there are people who just started – we help each other. It is a healthy way of making relationships in the dojo and friends outside of the dojo.

These principles were one of the most important for Renshi Rafał – that is why the school managed to reorganize so quickly. The school had some students graduated to be the masters – not only on the male side. The school was active on many seminars and congresses. Raimei had been seen multiple times on Budo Bushi Hall of Fame in Łącko (organized by Soke Stanisław Majchrzak), on Polish Federation Seminar in Żywiec – there had place all master grades exams. Some of the trips were recreational, for ex. A bicycle trip Rzeszów-Solina, kayaking, summer camps in tents. This was it was not only about having good time on a training, but to integrate with each other well.

20 March 2019 the trainings were resumed. It was just a week after Sensei’s death. Nowadays there are four masters who keep the eye on the students – Sensei Krzysztof Rębisz, Sensei Michał Zarzycki, Sensei Oskar Lewicki and Sensei Łukasz Tendelski. The official new chef of Martial Arts School Raimei is Sen. Krzysztof Rębisz.

On the higher level group there was a tradition to hang a image of the founder of Aikido – Morihei Ueshiba. A identical image, but as a painting of Renshi Rafał has been hung up next to each other – that way, the memory of the Founder of Martial Arts School Raimei will last as long as the trainings will be resumed.

The school had two dojo’s – one in Rzeszów and one in Szebnie. Both were leaded by Renshi Rafał. The club in Szebnie unfortunately had not been reactivated for now. However, there are plans to reactivate it, not only because there are students there too, but because one of the students was Wiktor – Rafał’s older son.

SN1RENSHI Renshi Rafal Habil, Zakopane, Poland