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HF100CC - Zegrze - Poland - Communications Centre

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    HF100CC - Zegrze - Poland - Communications Centre

    Radio Amateurs members of Polish Amateur Radio Club Station SP5PSL will be active with special call HF100CC from Zegrze, Poland, celebrating 100 years of the Zegrze Communications Centre.
    They will operate on HF Bands.
    QSL via SP5CNA.
    Ads for direct QSL:
    MARIAN LISOWSKI, ul. DREWNOWSKIEGO 3 m. 24, 05-131, ZEGRZE, Poland.
    Information from qrz page:
    100 Years of the Zegrze Communications Centre.
    A year after Poland regained its independence, the Signal Officer Training Camp was formed in Zegrze near Warsaw on 13 September 1919. In 1929, the Communications Training Centre was established to train active-duty, noncommissioned and reserve officers, professional soldiers and cadets. In 1935, the Zegrze Centre started to train the cadets of the Warsaw Engineering Cadet Academy. The graduates became signal commanding officers in the 1939 Defence War, the Polish Armed Forces in the West and the Home Army (resistance movement). The Zegrze Centre was re-established in 1948 when the Radio Training Regiment was formed. In 1950, the Radio Communications Officer Academy in 1955. Later in 1967, the Academy became a professional college under the name of the Signal Corps Officer Academy. In 1997, the Academy was reformed and the present Communications and Information Technology Training Centre was created. The Centre trains the candidates for professional soldiers, noncommissioned officers and officers, as well as conducts communications equipment classes for the cadets of the Military University of Technology (WAT), the Military University of Land Forces (AWL) and Land Forces Training Centre (CSWLąd).

    HF100CC Zegrze, Poland
    73 Al 4L5A