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PD75HOLTEN - Holten - Netherlands

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    PD75HOLTEN - Holten - Netherlands

    Rolph, PD0RM will be active with special call PD75HOLTEN from Holten, Netherlands.
    He will operate on HF Bands.
    QSL via PD0RM, LOTW, ClubLog.
    Ads for direct QSL:
    Rolph Markvoort, Oude Stationsweg 8, 7451, ME Holten, Netherlands.
    This is the special event station for 75 years of liberation in Holten. Holten was liberated by Canadian warriors on 8 and 9 April 1945. The Canadian cemetery still reminds us of this struggle for freedom.

    Holten has had difficult times. The village has been besieged by Spanish, Staatse, Munterse, French, Prussian and English troops and Cossacks, or they passed through it. In 1829 Holten was hit by a big fire that destroyed almost the entire village. In 1940 the German army passed through the village and in 1945 Holten was in the line of fire when the liberators advanced.

    Holten and the Holterberg are a household name for many. In the Ice Age, the ice from Scandinavia came and pushed the entire layers of the earth. This created the Holter and Lemelerberg and the hills of the eastern Veluwe. When the ice melted from these glaciers, large rocks were left behind. Soil discovery finds an impression of flora and fauna, but especially of human life through the ages. Objects have been found in the area that indicate the presence of Neanderthals. Stones and bronze tools and shards of earthenware, found among others in Beuseberg and Zuurberg, form traces from the Late Neolithic, the Early Bronze Age and the Iron Age.

    In 1277 the name Holten appears for the first time in writings. According to 'Reports and announcements Overijssels Regt en Geschiedenis', in the year 1429 there were 37 houses in the mark Holten.

    PD75HOLTEN Rolph Markvoort, Holten, Netherlands
    73 Al 4L5A