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RP75DM - Ufa - Russia - Dayan Murzin

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    RP75DM - Ufa - Russia - Dayan Murzin

    Marat, RA9WJV will be active with special call RP75DM from Ufa, Russia, commemorating 75th years of the Victory in the Second World War and in honor of Dayan Murzin, veteran of the Second World War.
    He will operate on HF Bands.
    QSL via RA9WJV.
    Ads for direct QSL:
    Marat Adgamov, Salavata 17 - 44, Ufa, 450057, Russia.
    Information about Dayan Murzin:
    Black General - Russian James Bond

    Dayan Bayanovich Murzin was born on January 20, 1921, in Bashkiria. He studied at the teacher, he worked as a rural teacher, for his success he received an honorary diploma. When the Soviet-Finnish war began, he rushed to the front, but he had a chance to make war only in the Great Patriotic War. After graduating from the Riga Military School, Dayan Murzin served in the 10 Rifle Division of the Baltic Military District. There he found the war. From her first day, Murzin was on the front line.

    In the next battle he was wounded, lost consciousness. Two soldiers carried Murzin on a cape, but it wasn’t enough to go that far, and Dayan Bayanovich asked his comrades to leave him. Fortunately, the wounded was picked up by local residents and taken to the hospital. Having recovered a bit, Murzin decided to catch up with his division, but got into the Yampolsky group of partisans "For the Motherland" and stayed there. At first he was appointed commander of a reconnaissance platoon, and then a company commander.

    The group "For the Motherland" was part of the guerrilla compound S.A. Kovpaka and acted in Belarus. Guerrillas staged daring sabotage: derailed trains, blew up warehouses, bridges and roads.

    In 1942, Murzin organized a partisan detachment in Ukraine, and a year later in Moldova. In 1944, Murzin was transferred to Czechoslovakia, where he became chief of staff and then commander of the famous international partisan brigade named after Jan Zižka.

    “I was the brigade commander, it consisted of five detachments,” Dayan Bayanovich recalled. - This is more than 2 thousand people. And then I was all 23 year. And then the command ordered me to release the beard, so that I looked more solid. With a beard I was given 45 years - that was how I went through until the end of the war. The beard was broad, black. It was for her that they called me the Black General.

    There were heavy battles, the brigade inflicted heavy damage on the enemy, and the Germans began to inject their agents into it. One of the spies managed to bring the machine gunners to the partisans, a battle ensued, in which Dayan Murzin was wounded in both legs, but still managed to escape by jumping into the river. The rapid current carried him away from enemy bullets. After that, the hero hid in an empty bear den for four days and was close to death. Punishers combed the forest, their dogs circled very close, but the Germans did not understand exactly where the partisans were, and burned a haystack in 15 meters from it.

    Having recovered from his injuries, Dayan Murzin begins to smash the enemy with a new force. Upon learning that the death of German soldiers - the work of "some pathetic gang of partisans," Hitler was enraged. He puts Murzin on his list of personal enemies and assigns 3 million Reichsmarks for the living Black General, and 2 million for the dead.

    The operation to destroy the guerrillas entrusted Otto Skorzeny himself, and the brigade begins a total hunt. In order to save her, the command decides to transfer the partisans together with their commander to the border of Slovakia. The village, in which part of the partisans remained, the Nazis razed to the ground, no one survived ...

    Skorzeny happily reported to Hitler that the gang had been destroyed, and was awarded. But after a while, the "destroyed" squad led by the "dead" commander in front of the enemy captures the commander of the tank army, General Muller. The guerrillas managed to find out that Muller likes to be at the estate of a landowner, where a relative of one partisan works as a housewife. She helped the partisans to seize Muller.

    The black general personally interrogates the commander, promises to save his life in exchange for important information and seeks his own. The word Murzin kept: Muller left alive.

    Partisan detachments from the Jan Zižka Brigade liberated the cities of Vsetín, Zlín, and took an active part in the anti-fascist uprising in Prague. According to some reports, they also detained the traitor general Vlasov.

    The Englishman John Hauland, whose father served with Dayan Murzin, wrote a book about the Black General. In this book, he compares Murzin as much as James Bond, and not even in favor of the latter. According to the author, the real feats of the partisan commander largely overshadow the literary adventures of the 007 agent.

    Dayan Murzin, like the other "person involved" of Hitler's personal enemy "saboteur No. 1" Ilya Starinov, had various awards, but did not receive the title of Hero of the Soviet Union ...

    In peacetime, Dayan Bayanovich proved himself in various fields of activity. He first worked in the public education system, then became a lawyer and worked in law enforcement agencies, served as deputy minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Bashkir ASSR. He lived a long life - 91 year.

    Murzin’s formal tunic weighs about 60 kg.

    A total of 86 orders and medals:

    2 Orders of the Red Banner (1942, 1969)

    2 Orders of the Red Star (1943, 1954)

    Order of the Patriotic War of the 1st degree (1955)

    Medal "Partisan of the Great Patriotic War" 1st degree (1945)

    Order "Military Cross" 1st degree (Czechoslovakia) (1945)

    Golden Star for Freedom of Czechoslovakia (1968)

    Order and Medal of Partisan War 1st and 2nd degree (Czechoslovakia) (1944)

    12 medals of the USSR, 13 medals of other countries

    silver sword and personalized weapons from the municipality of Zlin (Czechoslovakia) (1945)

    Honorary citizen of 16 cities of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Moravia.

    Until the 1990s, in the Czech city of Zlin (formerly Gottwald, Czechoslovakia) there was Major Murzina street (now it is Dlouhá ulice street) and even during his lifetime a bronze monument to DB Murzin.

    Honorary Citizen of Ufa since June 1999.

    RP75DM Dayan Murzin, Ufa, Russia
    73 Al 4L5A