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    VK75FAA - Australia

    VK75FAA Special Event station will be active from Australia, commemorating 75th Anniversary of the formation of the Royal Australian Navy Fleet Air Arm on 3rd July 1947.
    Information from their QRZ page:
    Station Info

    VK75FAA will make it's official first transmission on 3rd July 2022, being the 75th Birthday of the RAN Fleet Air Arm.

    The station will be portable at HMAS Albatross, the Naval Air Station at Nowra, NSW, Australia and will in operation during the Fleet Air Arm Open Day.

    We are looking for interested amateur operators within Australia to operate this Special Event Station on a roster basis.

    Make contact with Mal VK2YVA, the station manager via email: to express your interest, including any date / time slots you would like to book. See the rules for more info.

    Below are the current station rules, which may be updated from time to time. Not sure what log format we will use yet, but CSV will work at the moment.

    We are looking at a website, if I can work out how to do it!


    Using VK75FAA – Policy for use
    Policy for use of VK75FAA

    By using this callsign you agree to the following conditions.

    * all licence classes can use VK75FAA, but stay within your licence conditions per the Amateur LCD (Licence Class determination;

    * conduct all on-air conversations in the spirit of amateur radio, and (if appropriate) talk about the Royal Australian navy and it's history, converstaions and topics should not bring amateur radio and the Royal Australian Navy in disrepute ;

    * adhere to the agreed band plans;

    * maintain a log of all QSOs (conversations) and provide a copy to VK75FAA admin on finalisation of your operations;

    * if using digital modes, please include your Maidenhead locator in your transmitted data;

    * refer other amateurs to for QSL (confirmation) information.

    * refer other amateurs to VK75FAA for background information and links on the RAN Fleet Air Arm and its history and the special event callsign;

    * we use UTC for bookings & log keeping (see below).

    * activate the callsign for a reasonable time period each day booked; a “fair go” policy. Please email admin if you intend to have any material “off-air” time so the callsign can be activated by another person during your downtime.
    If you have any questions about the above policies, please contact admin at (email address);

    * Please send your log to along with any comments comments you’d like to make.

    * Important: when applying to use the callsign

    A. In your application, please advise the bands and modes you intend to activate and also your preferred slot/s. Slots are issued in one calendar day periods, and you may apply for up to 3 slots in one application.

    B. We use UTC for booking slots and log keeping.

    e.g. (5-7 February); (5, 7, 12 February); or just (6, 13 February).

    C. You may apply to use the callsign as many times as you like.

    (These policies may be updated from time to time)

    VK75FAA Australia
    73 Al 4L5A