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    PA100PCG - PA100M - PA100K

    On behalf of Bas den Neijsel (PD7BDN) and myself, you receive our first press release regarding three Special Event Stations in honor of 100 years of radio communication history between Indonesia and the Netherlands: PA100PCG, PA100M and PA100K. These stations will be active from May 5, 2023.

    Best regards,
    Jan van den Berg
    HAM Radio: PA2P
    Mook, The Netherlands (JO21wr)

    100 years radio communication history between Indonesia and The Netherlands
    Two radio-organisations in The Netherlands, VRZA (national) and RCL (local), will activate three Special Event Station to celebrate 100 years of radio communication history on May 5, 6 and 7, 2023:
    The history and background
    In the early 20th century, exchanging telegrams between The Netherlands and Indonesia was only possible on an English cable connection. A German cable connection was later also used, but the outbreak of the First World War made the disadvantages of dependence on foreign cable connections increasingly apparent.
    Shortly before the First World War, plans for a wireless connection were drafted and immediately after the war, the plans were put into effect.
    The construction of the long-wave transmitter station (callsign PKX) at Malabar near Bandung (Java, Indonesia) started as early as 1917. The operating frequency would be 17 kHz.
    Because full-duplex connections between Indonesia and The Netherlands was a prerequisite, the receiving station was finally built in Rancaekek.
    At least 50 kilometres from the transmitter at Malabar, to keep interference limited from the large transmitter power of 2.4 MW.
    In The Netherlands, the construction of the reception station for telegraphy signals from Malabar started in 1919 at the small town of Sambeek near Boxmeer and for the very same reasons as in Indonesia situated 50 kilometres away from the transmitter site at Kootwijk.
    In 1918 the construction of the transmitter site (callsign PCG) and its antennas at Kootwijk near Apeldoorn started and lasted until 1923. Six steel lattice masts of each 211.6 meters tall were ordered in Germany in September 1918, since there was no such supplier to be found in The Netherlands. About 380.000 cubical metres had to be moved to lay out and level the transmitter site. The six lattice masts carried a long-wave umbrella antenna. Inside the main building (Building A) two 400 kW Telefunken machine transmitters were placed.

    On 5 May 1923, the radiotelegraph connection was put into operation by sending a telegram from Indonesia with congratulations to the Queen in The Netherlands
    On 6 May 2023 we will transmit several official telegrams in telegraphy from Indonesia to The Netherlands and likewise from The Netherlands to Indonesia, the same way as officially was done 100 years ago.
    We will have an official telegram of the Dutch ambassador in Indonesia Mr. Grijns, to send to the Indonesian ambassador Mr. Mayerfas in The Netherlands. The answer of Mr. Mayerfas will be send back to Indonesia.

    PA100M PA100K PA100PCG Netherlands

    PA100M PA100K PA100PCG Netherlands DX News
    73 Al 4L5A