Bernie Bernard Terry, VK4KX will be active using special call sign VI4ACRO from Nambour, Queensland, Australia, during November 2023, to raise awareness of the medical condition known as Acromegaly.
He will operate on HF Bands.
QSL via VK4KX.
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Bernard Terry, Po Box 357, Nambour, Queensland, 4560, Australia.
Information from his QRZ page:
Acromegaly in adults is a condition caused by the Pituitary gland creating too much Growth Hormone, usually as a result of a tumor within the Pituitary gland, this over production of Growth Hormone or IGF-1 can lead to many serious side effects such as Gigantism, which is when all your bones continue to grow, the jaw and forehead becomes more pronounced, hands and feet continue to grow to abnormal sizes as well as causing a thickening of joint tissue.

Acromegaly is quite rare with 3 to 14 people per 100,000 being diagnosed, and with symptoms coming on so slowly that most people diagnosed have had the condition for quite some time before seeking answers to their symptoms. Symptoms such as headaches, profuse sweating with increased body odour and oily skin, lips, nose and tongue become larger and at times blurred vision, skin tags that grow in arm pits and groin area and a deeper voice.

Associated health problems can include, High Blood Pressure, Type 2 Diabetes (actually Type 3 or other) arthritis, heart disease, sleep apnea and carpel tunnel syndrome, to name just a few. Other problems associated with excessive growth hormone is the increase in feet size requiring new shoes on a regular basis, larger hands causing rings to no longer fit as well as clothe sizes constantly changing.

Treatment include injection to supress growth hormone and reduce tumor size, targeted radiation treatment and an operation on the pituitary gland either via Trans sphenoidal surgery or by cutting a hole in the skull. Which ever way the operation is performed it is quite invasive and not without risks. The medications can also have their own side effects creating other medical issues that can take years to manifest.

My own experience with the disease.

Bernie VK4KX, I was diagnosed in 1989 and I have been dealing with the symptoms since around 1984 when I noticed the increased sweating, increased body odour and headaches that were with me 24 hours a day along with the swolen & larger hands, feet and head requiring me to constantly buy new shoes and hat.

My own operation in 1990 was unsuccessful and after arterial bleeding (3Litres of blood) I lost the sight to my right eye, then weeks later I had targeted radiation and years of injections which lead to gall bladder and liver problems, then in 2020 I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and had 2 operations 6 months apart to totally remove my Thyroid. I make the most of each day and live with Diabetes, Hypo Thyroidism, Androgen deficiency and the need to have daily hormone replacement treatment. I'm managing better than some who have died from this condition while others have the operation and are in full remission, like a hand of Poker you get what is dealt you and you play the cards you have to the best of your ability.

VI4ACRO Nambour, Australia