RP79CTS Special Event station will be active from Moscow, Russia, 1 - 9 May 2024, commemorating 79th Anniversary of the Victory in Second World War.
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QSL via R2BFL, LOTW, eQSL, HamLog.
Information from their QRZ page:
This radio station works in memory of the children of the war, Chinnikov family, Tatiana Ivanovna and Sergey Mikhailovich, whose fates turned to be tragically similar.
Chinnikova Tatiana Ivanovna and Chinnikov Sergey Mikhailovich were born in a small village of Chorniy Potok, Ludinovsky district of Kaluga region.
In October 1941, fascist troops seized the entire territory of the Ludinovsky district. There were fierce and prolonged battles for the liberation of the district, but it remained under the occupation until September 16, 1943. More than 13000 Soviet soldiers were killed in the battles for the Ludinovsky district.
When the Great Patriotic War began, Tatiana was 6 years old, Sergey was
3 years old. At the beginning of the war Tatiana's father – Ustinov Ivan Vasilyevich – was drafted to the front, retreated with the front and returned to his native village, staying with family under the occupation. Tatiana's family was big: 9 children, but the war tragically changed their fate. At the beginning of the occupation the oldest brother was taken by fascists to work in Germany. In the spring of 1942, during the bombing, Tatiana's mother, along with her infant, was killed by an exact bomb hit in the barn where they were. Another bomb smashed the house: one of Tatiana's brothers remained under the rubble forever, Tatiana herself was dug up by her father. By an explosive wave her sister was thrown into a tree in the yard. Later, one of Tatiana's brothers died of starvation, and after the liberation of the district, another brother also died "stunning" fish with captured explosives to feed their family.
In one of the same raids the tragedy also found Sergey's family. Sergey's mother with him and his baby brother hid in the cellar from the bombing. The bomb fell next to the shelter, destroying it, so Sergey's mother and brother were killed by shrapnel. Sergey himself, like Tatiana, was miraculously dug up by neighbours. After that, with two grandmothers and an aunt, he was taken to Germany. They passed the concentration Baltic camps, after that they ended up in the camp near the town of Kyustrin (now Kostshyn-over-Odra). Sergey and his relatives were able to survive and return home after the liberation of the camp by Soviet troops on January 31, 1945.

RP79CTS Moscow, Russia