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PA2018BP - Baden Powell

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    PA2018BP - Baden Powell

    PA 2018 BP stands for commemorating the founder of the world biggest youth movement Scouting: Baden Powell (BP) .
    For the Boys organization JOTA was created, for the Girls TDOTA (Thinking Day On The Air) is the Radio Scouting event. JOTA is held in October, TDOTA in February each year.
    Operators of this call are the operators of the PA3EFR/J-crew, a specialists group of Scouters.
    This crew primarily brings TDOTA and JOTA to Scouting groups which are eager to get involved in the annual global Radio Scouting activities.
    Operators are: Patrick (PE2PVD), Guido (PD2GWE), Evelyn (PD1EHO), Sander (PD9HIX), Thomas (PA3TVV), Maarten (PD2SVA) and Erwin (PA3EFR).
    Crew members with operator practise and likely to get on the air are Lara and Reinoud and maybe QRP\'s Thalia, Lianne Koen and Linde. All bands, all modes are included, including DMR and Echolink.
    QSL for PA2018BP via PA3EFR.

    PA2018BP Baden Powell Special Event Station

    73 Al 4L5A