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Greece: ERT - The Voice of Greece, closes ShortWave

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    Greece: ERT - The Voice of Greece, closes ShortWave

    ERT is reducing its presence in the analog radio bands.

    Voice of Greece

    Until March 31, 2022, ERT's international programming will continue to operate on shortwave, according to a decision signed by ERT CEO George Gabritsos.
    As noted in the document, the reasons for the decision are the "evolution of technology," corresponding decisions by other European broadcasters to phase out shortwave, and the acceleration of the "Internet broadcasting" in the coming months of Voice of Greece and ERT's main news bulletin.

    At the same time, the public broadcaster "throws the ball" to the government to continue broadcasting on shortwave. "The relevant departments of ERT are ordered to immediately inform the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense of ERT's intention, so that they can decide whether they wish to continue the operation of Vrahei, as well as the acquisition of ownership and operation of Vrahei under their own responsibility," the decision said, also ordering that procedures be initiated for the monitoring of the Avlida broadcasting center.

    As for means, the ERT Board of Directors unanimously decided to upgrade and modernize only three broadcast centers. Bogiatio, from where the First Program is broadcast, Corfu and Tripoli, from where the respective local EPA programs are broadcast. For the remaining inactive stations, including Megara, which until the blackout hosted EPA Sport (981 AM) and Filia (666 AM), it was decided to dismantle the masts "for safety reasons".