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    Strange device

    I want to expose something that caused me a lot of curiosity. First of all, I beg you to point out my mistakes and, if there are any insurmountable ones, help me to understand them. I start by presenting a figure. It is a solenoid that differs from the common case, because the wire at one end enters the interior and takes the place of the axis.

    Figure 1 gives an idea of how the device is made, with one end of the wire inserted inside and occupying the place of the shaft. Figure 2 gives an idea of the actual way of winding, with coils together.

    I need to find out how that device connected to a radio frequency generator behaves. Does it emit? If so, is there a preferred address? How are the E and B fields arranged inside the solenoid? And outside? What components does the Poynting vector have inside? And outside? Does that device resonate at a certain frequency? How does it behave in resonance?

    Thanks in advence.
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