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Receive Beautiful Images of the Earth Directly from Space

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    Receive Beautiful Images of the Earth Directly from Space

    How to Receive Beautiful Images of the Earth Directly From Space | GOES-15,16,17 and Himawari 8 HRIT

    In the fall of 2016 I saw my first rocket launch and little did I know that the satellite on that rocket would come to shape and fill my thoughts for many years. We're no strangers to getting data out of space on this channel, but GOES-16 is special, and not just because I was there when it left earth. Unlike the satellites we looked at in the past, GOES is in geostationary orbit and has an amazing suite of cameras and sensors on board. While it's a bit harder to receive data from GOES the extra effort is absolutely worth it, especially because it can see then entire globe all at once and send out those images in stunning high resolution. And it even comes with the added bonus of rebroadcast data from other satellites giving us a view of the opposite side of the planet as well.

    In this video we go through the hardware and software needed to receive these gorgeous images and what is contained in the signals we receive.

    A huge thank you to Lucas and the Open Satellite project crew, Pieter N, and Paul for making this project possible.
    Author - The Thought Emporium.

    73 Al 4L5A