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9Y4XD - Chacachare Island - Trinidad and Tobago

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    9Y4XD - Chacachare Island - Trinidad and Tobago

    Radio Amateurs from Trinidad and Tobago will be active as 9Y4XD from Chacachare Island Lighthouse, IOTA SA - 011, Trinidad and Tobago, 17 - 18 August 2019, during International Light House Weekend 2019.
    They will operate on HF Bands.
    QTH Locator - FK90cq.
    Information from qrz page:
    Welcome to the island of Chacachacare Trinidad and Tobago. This beautiful exotic island lies between the north western tip of Trinidad and 8 miles off the eastern tip of Guiria Venezuela. The grid location is FK90CQ, it is alleged this grid has never been worked before in an event, therefore this will be the first time the Chacachacare lighthouse will be taking part in this event, so the team is happy to make it available. Our ILLW number is TT0002. This year 2019 the lighthouse is 122 years old . And stands with a focal plane of 823 feet (251 metres) above sea level. The island is uninabited no pipe borne water, no toilet facilities and no consumer electricity so planning, preperation and operation for this event is very similar to a DX-pedition.

    The name Chacachacare is pronounced (Shack-car-shack-car-ree). Chacachacare is an Amerindian word which means "cotton island" as there were many cotton plantations on the island many years ago. Amerindians are the indigenous people of South America.

    9Y4XD Chacachare Island, Trinidad and Tobago

    9Y4XD Chacachare Island, Trinidad and Tobago DX News
    73 Al 4L5A