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AA4CS/AM - Boeing 757 - Boeing 767

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    AA4CS/AM - Boeing 757 - Boeing 767

    Carol Sugars, AA4CS is active as AA4CS/AM.
    Info from Carol:
    Getting back in ham radio after a ~30 year break, was a G6 in the 80's before moving to the USA. Sometimes operate /AM as I fly for a living. Enjoy collecting/restoring vintage tube radios and hifi, building my own antennas and generally messing around with radios and electronics projects. I AM a big fan of the "DX Code of Conduct" and do my utmost to honour it, I am not a big fan of "online/digitally assisted radio" or "the cluster" and I prefer to make contacts by just tuning around and listening.

    When operating aeronautical mobile (/AM) I will be flying either a Boeing 757 or Boeing 767 for which the HF communications equipment is essentially the same, consisting of dual Rockwell/Collins HFS700 tranceivers (400W PEP) utilizing a common "HF shunt" antenna located in the tail vertical stabilizer leading edge matched by antenna tuning units also in the tail area. These radios only have facility for AM or USB phone so I will always be using upper sideband irrespective of frequency, typically I try to operate on 14.325 or 18.165 MHz but also have 7.165 and 14.165 as back ups (found these listed online somewhere). I will only operate during relatively low workload portions of cruise flight above 30,000' and may terminate operations at any time. If I am in clear air the comms are usually good, if flying through precipitation (clouds) my reception can be challenging due to static build up on the aircraft. For logging purposes I'll typically give my location as Latitude and Longitude or approximate location (i.e. "250 miles south of Jamaica") and/or departure and arrival points along with altitude and groundspeed.

    AA4CS/AM Carol Sugars

    AA4CS/AM Boeing 757 HF Transceiver
    73 Al 4L5A

    I worked AA4CS from the beach on the 1/1/2019. She was loud clean sounding station