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SN75W - Pruzskow - Poland

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    SN75W - Pruzskow - Poland

    Wanda YL, SP7IWA will be active with special call SN75W from Pruzskow, Poland, commemorating Warsaw Uprising in 1944.
    She will operate on HF Bands.
    QSL via SP7IWA.
    Ads for direct QSL:
    WANDA JAKUBOWSKA, Ul. K.Puchatka 11/2, 05-800, Pruszków, Poland.
    Info from qrz:
    The Warsaw Rising was a battle for the capital of Poland as well as a fight for the independence of the entire country and freedom of all Poles. At 5pm on 1 August 1944, the “W” Hour, some 25,000 poorly armed underground soldiers of the Home Army took up the fight against overwhelming German forces. With time, the number grew to over 55,000. For more than two months, a small patch of the free city became the ground for state institutions of the democratic Republic of Poland, political parties that published their own newspapers, and public administration authorities. The Insurgent radio stations Błyskawica and Polskie Radio broadcast daily programmes that were received as far as Great Britain. Moreover, the field post service was active, the law and order were upheld by civilian and military security authorities, and welfare and charity organisations brought help to the civilian population. During the two months of fierce fighting, the Polish units managed to capture large portions of the city and inflict painful losses on Adolf Hitler’s soldiers. However, the lack of adequate assistance from the Allies, the clear technical superiority of the German troops and the immense number of victims forced the Polish command to make a decision to cease the heroic struggle. The 63-day-long Warsaw Rising was one of the fiercest urban battles ever fought, and the greatest and bloodiest battle in the history of our country.

    SP7IWA Wanda Jakubowska, Pruzskow, Poland
    73 Al 4L5A