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K3LR - WPX SSB 2019 - Young Hams

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    K3LR - WPX SSB 2019 - Young Hams

    K3ZJ, Dave Siddall, is promoting a "young hams" activity, with four young contesters planning to go to K3LR for WPX weekend.
    Says Dave, "Old age and treachery will always win over youth and exuberance." But is that true? Team Exuberance is out to prove that statement wrong. They are a team of 4 kids, Violetta (KM4ATT, Mason (KM4SII), Bryant (KG5HVO), and David (VE7DZO) who hope to be operating from the K3LR superstation for the CQ WW WPX SSB contest under multi- 2. March 30-31, 2019, they will be traveling from their home QTH and meeting at the home of K3LR. Their expense goal is $ 5,000, and they are hoping to reach it by January 1, 2019. Any and all donations are appreciated." See:

    "I am not associated with this group, but I have met Bryant several times (he was the youngest competitor at the recent WRTC2018 in
    Germany) and certainly will make a donation. Please consider doing the same.

    "By way of background, YASME and the David Kalter Foundation consistently have supported youth interested in contesting. But unlike in IARU Region 1, where IARU supports both annual YOTA ("Youngsters On The Air") camps and a yearly series of multiple YCP (Young Contesters Program) contest weekends at "top-gun" stations, here in the U.S. ARRL and IARU Region 2 have declined to either create new programs or to support programs similar to those in Region 1 for youth contesters. (In Region 1, the most recent YCP weekend was in the CQWW RTTY Contest at 4O3A operating as 4O4YCP. The next YCP operation will be in CQWW SSB next weekend at the station of DM9EE.)"

    K3LR WPX SSB 2019
    73 Al 4L5A