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VP8PJ - DX Pedition of the Year 2021

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    VP8PJ - DX Pedition of the Year 2021

    The Southwest Ohio DX Association (SWODXA) is proud to announce that the 2021 DXpedition of the Year award goes to VP8PJ, South Orkney Island. The DXpedition team consisted of: Dave, K3EL and Les, W2LK (co-leaders); Gene, K5GS; Arliss, W7XU; Heye, DJ9RR; Laci, HA0NAR; Vadym, UT6UD; Walt, N6XG, Rob, N7QT; Steve, W1SRD; Mike, WA6O; Ken, NG2H; Hans-Peter, HB9BXE; and Alan, VK6CQ. Congratulations on a well- organized and executed DXpedition in a very challenging environment.

    Each year the Southwest Ohio DX Association presents the DXpedition of the Year Award at the annual DX Dinner. Our goal is to recognize excellence in DXpedition planning and execution from Most Wanted entities. DXpeditions that completed from March 2020 through February
    2021 are eligible for this year's award. Winners of the DXpedition of the Year award have overcome significant access, licensing and logistical challenges to deliver a large number of contacts to a broad swath of the global amateur community. They represent the pinnacle of DXpeditioning.

    VP8PJ South Orkney Islands DX Pedition 2021
    73 Al 4L5A