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VP8PJ South Orkney Islands

VP8PJ Team will be active from South Orkney Islands, IOTA AN - 008, 20 February - 5 March 2020.
Recent DX Spots VP8PJ
North America and Chief Pilot - KE4KY.VP8PJ Log search
North America Assistant Pilot - KM4SII.
Europe - ON9CFG.
Russian Speaking countries - 4L5A.
Japan - JA1WSX.
South America - PY2YP.
Oceania - VK3HJ.
Africa - V51B.
They will operate on 160 - 10m, CW, SSB, FT8, RTTY.

1.826.5 —– —– 1.840
3.523 —– —– 3.567
7.010 7.090 7.045 7.056
10.105 —— 10.142 10.131
14.023 14.185 14.080 14.090
18.069 18.130 18.100 18.095
21.023 21.285 21.080 21.091
24.891 24.955 24.910 24.911
28.023 28.485 28.080 28.091
Any station located in Africa and/or Oceania may call regardless of the region we are currently working/calling for.

VP8PJ South Orkney Islands News 23 February 2020

We are unable to find a solid satellite connection on the island. We are waiting to change to a different satellite, but it's not clear there will be any difference. We know it is not a hardware problem because we have 3 satellite terminals of this model and one of another model. If we an not find a solid connection we will try to upload logs from the ship every day, and even that path to the satellite is very poor.

They are are continuing to install additional antennas today. It's cold and difficult to use hand tools in the wind.

At the request of the team, please NO emails regarding:
-Log checks to see if you are in the log
-Busted call checks

73, VP8PJ Team

VP8PJ South Orkney Islands News 22 February 2020

Look for VP8PJ to become active on 20m, 40m, and possibly 160m in the following hours.

Operating positions will slowly come online as antennas and station configurations are completed.

In the earliest hours of the operation, there will be NO real-time logging available.

Announcement on the real-time logging being active will follow.

VP8PJ Team

VP8PJ South Orkney Islands News 21 February 2020

The ice has cleared enough to get the equipment ashore. We have team members on the island moving equipment to our preferred operating site. It will take today & tomorrow to set up camp. It's cold, light winds, but dry at the moment.

The process of assembling the camp continues.... going very well, but will continue throughout today and tomorrow.

At this juncture, we anticipate being "on the air" sometime on Sunday the 23rd. Announcements regarding this will be forthcoming.

Team VP8PJ

VP8PJ South Orkney Islands News 20 February 2020 15.00 UTC

Update @ 1500Z:

After an initial survey, we're waiting for a wind change which is expected tomorrow. If the ice situation does not change significantly, we'll try an alternate site tomorrow.

Currently, cold with occasional snow flurries.

VP8PJ Team

VP8PJ South Orkney Islands News 20 February 2020 12.30 UTC

VP8PJ UPDATE @ 12:30 UTC - We have ice to contend with regarding our planned landing area. The ice was pushed in during the previous days, but we are expecting the winds to change and blow the ice out. We are currently looking for an alternate site to unload, then move the equipment to the planned site. An alternative camp/operations area is being considered as we evaluate current conditions.

VP8PJ South Orkney Islands News 20 February 2020

FEBRUARY 20 @ 04:30 UTC - The Braveheart has arrived in the area ... is going around the island to get to the landing point; The landing operations should begin in the morning;

VP8PJ South Orkney Islands News 19 February 2020

All going well the team and Braveheart will be anchored offshore South Orkney later today.

ZL1NA/MM News 16 February 2020

ZL1NA/MM start activity.

VP8PJ South Orkney Islands 15 February 2020

We're on schedule to depart Punta Arenas this afternoon (3PM local).

In one hour at 10AM local we will leave the hotel and move to the Braveheart with our personal gear.

You can track our progress while at sea:

See you in the pileups.


VP8PJ South Orkney Islands News 14 February 2020

This morning's schedule was reversed due to late arriving fuel trucks. We loaded the team's equipment first and will take on fuel this afternoon.

Everything looks to be in good order and the crew is busily stowing the equipment in a particular sequence so we can reverse the process and offload in a priority sequence.

The weather is cool, with some periods of rain. We had coffee with Skipper Matt and owner Nigel, then outside to watch the loading process.

We're on schedule for Saturday afternoon departure.


VP8PJ South Orkney Islands 14 February 2020 Image 1

VP8PJ South Orkney Islands 14 February 2020 Image 2

VP8PJ South Orkney Islands 14 February 2020 Image 3

VP8PJ South Orkney Islands News 12 February 2020

We have selected the call sign: ZL1NA/MM for use during the transit between Punta Arenas - Signy Island - Punta Arenas.

QSL Manager: Tim Beaumont M0URX.
Please, do not send Buro cards, use OQRS for free Buro card.

VP8PJ South Orkney Islands Banner
VP8PJ. South Orkney Islands DX Pedition Banner.

The donation process for VP8PJ will also count as a ZL1NA/MM donation. However, there is no internet on the ship, log and LoTW uploads will be done at a later date.

VP8PJ Team

VP8PJ South Orkney Islands News 2 February 2020

For Immediate Release
Press Release #11
Feb. 2,2020
South Orkneys2020 DX-pedition
We’re on autopilot, next stop Punta Arenas, Chile.
The project is on schedule
Team members will begin arriving in Punta Arenas on February 9th, Braveheart is scheduled to arrive on February 13th, we load the ship on Feb 14th and depart on Feb 15th for Signy Island. Nigel Jolly will have already arrived by air to arrange for refueling and resupplying Braveheart.
Logging – Log Search
We will use N1MM+ for logging and WSJT-X Version 2.1.2 for FT8
Assuming a stable satellite connection, QSOs will be uploaded to the log server in near real-time,you can monitor logging activity at:
We do not upload by band, by mode or by operating position.
OQRS will be available within 10 days after we leave the island. We need time to validate the logs.
QSL Manager, Tim M0URX,will work on Busted Calls and Not in Log issues after the logis validated. Please use the form on Tim’s OQRS site, do not send e-mails.
Split Operation and Fox/Hound
The Band Plan is posted on our website (Island Operations), unless otherwise announced by the operator, all radio operations will be split.FT8 will use Fox / Hound mode on all bands except 60m, where we will use normal FT8 operation.
VP8PJ at
A reflector is available at for you to provide input to the team. The pilots will monitor the reflector and summarize pertinent information by region. There’s a one-time registration for the reflector, please review the “Sticky Notes” at the top of the message list. Please, no requests for log checks, busted calls, Not in Log, or schedules. We appreciatethoughtful and helpful information from your
Follow the Braveheart
Shortly before we leave Punta Arenas, we'll activate the Garmin inReach personal locator. You'll be able to follow our journey on the web during the estimated 6 days at sea to and from the island. You can Follow Braveheart from our website or
K6TU’s Propagation as a Service
We thank Stu K6TU for making available his K6TU Propagation as a Service tool at no cost to you. Accessed from our website (K6TU Propagation Tools), Stu's website is configured with our station and antenna specifications. The tool automates and greatly simplifies the process of building VOCAP predictions customized for your location. Knowing the details of our station configurations, location and antenna heights, the tool will generate your customized propagation charts.
WSPR Beacon
"A QRP Labs Ultimate 3 WSPR beacon will be on board Braveheart running 30dBm on 40, 20 and 15m sequentially every 10 minutes whenever the VP8PJ/MM station is not in use."
Early donors (those that donated before we sail on February 15th) will receive their LoTW confirmation(s) while we’re on the island, usually within 24 hours of the contact(s). All other donors will receive their LoTW confirmation(s) when OQRS opens.
With the Braveheart and freight bills paid and the equipment in Chile, our last remaining major expensesareshipping the equipment back home, generator fuel, port fees, general surcharges, fuel surcharge and a few smaller but still significant expense items. It’s not unusual for unexpected fees and other charges to materialize so we remain vigilant with the budget management.
We have over 600 individual (early)donors, 73 Premier Sponsors and 55 club / foundation sponsors.Is your club or name/call sign listed on our website? All donations are appreciated and will help offset the project’s estimated cost of ~$310,000(USD).
We want to thank everyone that helped us along the way to plan this project, especially members of the 2011 VP8ORK DX-pedition,Ralph K0IR and Don N1DGwho provided invaluable assistance and information. Their guidance through the landing permit process and island logistics is greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your continued interest and support of our project.
Good luck in the pileups.
Team VP8PJ

VP8PJ South Orkney Islands News 26 January 2020

After a stop at the Panama Canal for transfer to a different ship, our sea container arrived in Coronel, Chile on December 25th. It was then placed on a coastal barge, arriving Punta Arenas on January 13th. The equipment is now in secure storage at a local warehouse.

There will be a Press Release shortly before the team members leave home to meet the Braveheart at Punta Arenas.


VP8PJ South Orkney Islands News 20 January 2020

For Immediate Release
Press Release #10
South Orkney Islands DX-pedition
VP8PJ (AN-008)
Landing and camping at South Orkney requires permission from several government agencies. This multi step process takes months to complete.We recently receivedour final approval, the“Antarctic Conservation Act Permit” from the National Science Foundation. Other agencies in the process were: the US Department of State and the Environmental Protection Agency. We appreciate the cooperation and assistance we received from these agencies to complete and submit the detailed applications and other required documentation.
New Corporate Sponsor
Joining the list of corporate sponsors is The DX Store, a supplier of quality products for the amateur radio market.
Equipment Status
After 8 weeksour sea container arrived in Punta Arenas, Chile on January 13, 2020.
Operating Schedule
The team will follow a rotating 4 hours on and 8 hours off schedule. In their off-time they’ll catch up on sleep, perform equipment / campsite maintenance, operate from positions available for roving operators, or (weather permitting) go back to Braveheart for a shower and hot meal.
Island Assignments
Each team member is assigned tasks while on the island. Major activities are prioritized and staffed accordingly. The Braveheart crew will help with the heavy lifting and other setup activities. After landing, designated teams will first erect the WeatherPort shelters, install the power grid, and furnish the sleeping and operating shelters. Meanwhile the antenna teams will install the HF antennas, followed by the low band antennas.Weather permitting, setup is expected to take approximately two days.
We appreciate the support from the worldwide DX and amateur radio community. With the addition of Japan’s Nara DX Association, The Spokane DX Association and W4DXCC By SEDCO Convention, we currently have fifty-twoclubs / foundations signed on, over 500individuals and 60Premier Sponsors who each donated $200(USD), or more. We continue to make progress towards our goal of the radio team paying 50% of the project cost with sponsorships paying the remainder. Is your DX club listed on our website?
Thanks for your continued interest and support of our project, we’ll publish one more press release before leaving home in early February.
Good luck in the pileups.
Team VP8PJ

VP8PJ South Orkney Islands News 2 January 2020.

We are pleased to announce the call sign for the Perseverance DX Group’s expedition South Orkney 2020 will be changed to VP8PJ.
In past years it was relatively easy to get a preferred VP8 call sign for the British Antarctic Territory. After a licensing administrativechange, we were unable to obtain a VP8 call sign for operation from South Orkney and were advised to use /VP8.
Alan, VK6CQ,a recent addition to the team, holds the call sign VP8PJ that was issued to him for operation from the British Antarctic Territory. After submission of a copy of Alan’s license,ARRL has issued us a new LoTW certificate for the use of this call from South Orkney for the duration of our expedition.
Team VP8PJ

VP8PJ South Orkney IslandsSouth Orkney Islands. Author - Scott Bickell.

VP8PJ Chinstrap penguin, Coronation Island, South Orkney Islands. DX NewsChinstrap penguin, Coronation Island, South Orkney Islands. Author - Connie Juel.

VP8PJ Adelie Penguins, Shingle Cove, Coronation Island, South Orkney Islands. Tourist attractions spotAdelie Penguins, Shingle Cove, Coronation Island, South Orkney Islands. Author - Liam Quinn.

VP8PJ. Where are South Orkney Islands located. Map.

VP8PJ South Orkney Islands. Sunrise 02-23-2020 at 07:52 GMT sunset at 22:36 GMT
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