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DXNews is a 100% free resource of popular Amateur Radio DX news.  

The website does not carry commercial advertisements of any kind. 
DXnews is a preferred source of breaking news and provides a rich source of information for DX'ers and other web and email based DX news publications. 

Our separate IOTA pages provide IOTA hunters with a fresh one-stop source of breaking news and, as with most other news from our site, more background information about the island or entity.

DXnews is more than just DX News! Our website also regularly publish approvals for DXCC credit. 

Our DX calendar gives the user a snapshot view of most current and future activations. Many DX'ers and Dxpeditions use this monthly calendar to determine their activations and planned activity on the radio.

Donations are not sought for our daily operations. DXnews does however contribute to selected DXpeditions as well as manage sponsorships for those expeditions. is not only a DX news outlet.  Our comprehensive reporting also includes news about Amateur Radio contest operations for major contests.
Our Contesting web pages list relevant contesting information which includes rare activations during contests, articles and discussion pieces about contest results as well as detailed reports and pictures from contest stations all over the world as presented by ourselves and our contributors.


Chief Editor - Alexander Teimurazov 4L5A
DXer and Contester 
ex calls UF6FFF, RF0FWW, D4B, D44TT.

Editor - Anna Golova
Video content creater.

Active authors:

Henryk Kotowsky SM0JHF
DXer, Author of amateur radio articles for ham radio magazines and
Stockholm, Sweden. 

Andy Mikhailov VK5MAV
IOTA Chaser and Expeditioner.
Adelaide, Australia. 

Vladimir <Willy> Umanets UA9BA
Contester, DXer, Antennas designer.
Chelyabinsk, Russia. 

Arkady Voloshin UA4CC.
DXer and DX Peditioner.
Saratov, Russia.

Serge Yanovski, RZ3FW 
DXer and DX Peditioner.
Electrougli, Russia.

Bernie van der Walt, ZS4TX.
Contester and DXer.
Danhof, South Africa.

Cezar Trifu, VE3LYC
DXer, IOTA activator.
Bath, Canada.

Nodir Tursun Zadeh, EY8MM
Contest and DXer.
Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

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Telavi street 33, Tbilisi, 0103, Georgia
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