TM4Q is contest call for F6FYA and F5SQM Team active from Berthenay, France.
Working condition :

FT 1000 MP MARK V - FT 1000 MP - IC 746 PRO - COMMANDER HF 2500 E - ALPIN 200 - FL 2100 Z - 5 el 20 at 21 m - 5 el 15 at 17 m - 5 el 10 at 17 m - 3 ELT KLM 40 M at 24 m - 40 M Dipole - 4 Square 80 m and dipoles - 160 m Shunt-Feed and Vertical.

K9AY antenna system and BEVERAGES to receive.

Working only in CW, most of the time, I'm in a mono-op category. But, by the time, I created a CW team. It's a very hard job to find CW operators. Actually the team is OK, we are10but not easy gathering everybody at the same time ! We need to have a dream... and this one is to finish in the european top ten for most WWDX, WWPX and ARRL....
QSL via F4SGU.
Ads for direct QSL:
Jean Pierre Poirier, Le Haut Mont, Sainte Colombe, 35134, France.

TM4Q Berthenay, France. F6FYA.

TM4Q Berthenay, France. Amateur Ham Radio Contest Station Antennas.