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WRTC 2022 - Bologna - Italy - News

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    WRTC 2022 - Bologna - Italy - News

    Just in time...!

    Thanks for the good work with WRTC Sanctioning Committee we are happy to have the website online the last day of the year !

    Happy New Year to everybody from the WRTC 2022 Team.

    Please don't think that WRTC is only for Top guns ... you might have a chance ... read the rules !

    73 de WRTC 2022 Team
    Information from Carlo de Mari, IK1HJS.

    WRTC 2022 Logo
    73 Al 4L5A

    WRTC 2022 Bologna, Italy Rules
    73 Al 4L5A



      Public Change List from previously published rules:

      2. Category Weighting for SO-LP is 0.9 and for SOA-LP is 0.85 2.1, 2.2 Clarified that SOSB and SOAB of the same power level are compared directly for Qualification Event Scores
      2.5 WRTC-Style MS/M2 teams have been removed.

      3. Selection Areas (SA) and Team Leaders (TL) (renamed) New column headings TL from Continent and TL from Area Removed limit of max. 2 per country from EU Increased TL for EU from 17 to 18 Moved OX from EU#1 to NA#2 Moved OY from EU#3 to EU#1 Moved UA1 from EU#1 to EU#4 EU#1, EU#2, and EU#4 have 2 TL, EU#3 has 3 TL NA#4, NA#7, NA#10 changes Added VP9 to CA#1 AS#4, AS#5 changes SA#1 – noted that PJ only applies to PJ in Zone 9 Moved PY0S/PY0F to SA#2, leaving PY0T in SA#4 SA#3, SA#4 changes List of exceptions to 1 TL per country rule.
      Added note that TL must qualify, not guaranteed slot except for UA1/UA3/UA4

      4. Added special scoring for UA and non-UA stations in RDXC.

      5. Corrected regular MS/M2/MM scores to 4.

      6.1 Noted the process of choosing TL/TM for Sponsored or Wild Card is TBD.
      6.2 Changed to last three WRTC and top twenty (20) places, including Sponsored and Wild Card TL
      6.3 Required proof of license and permission for scores from outside SA of residence
      6.6 New Determination of Home SA rules

      7. New TM qualification rules
      7.2, 7.3 Clarification that TM rules does not apply to Sponsored Teams

      8. Reduced Youth Teams from 7 to 6
      more infor on
      73! Julio, YV1KK
      73 Al 4L5A



        WRTC 2022 qualification standings are available under the COMPETITION:

        The Qualification Standings show unofficial points and rankings based on files and communications received from each Contest Organizing Committee.

        Claimed scores,if available,will be considered until official scores are available.

        The WRTC2022 Organizing Committee reserves the right to modify the qualification process to correct errors or provide clarification. Any change will be announced on the WRTC2022 Web site.

        Please refer to the History of uploads.

        Questions regarding the qualification standings may be submitted to <>

        A frequently asked questions (FAQ) page will be available on the
        WRTC2022 Web site to provideclarifications as necessary.

        73 de Carlo IK1HJS
        73 Al 4L5A



          WRTC 2022 is happy to announce in advance one of the most important rules for the WRTC 2022 competition. The style of operating will be the same as for WRTC 2018:

          “The competition will be as a full Two-Operator, Two-Transmitter (Multi-Two) operation with both Radio A and Radio B allowed to transmit at the same time. The only limitation is the radios may not transmit simultaneously on the same band, regardless of mode. For example, if Radio A is on 15M SSB, Radio B is not allowed on 15M SSB or 15M CW at the same time.”

          This first press release about the official competition rules will be relevant for all WRTC 2022 competitors and it gives potential competitors the chance to practice according to this rule. This announcement is not a complete set of rules but defines how the Team will be allowed to operate during the competition.
          73 Al 4L5A



            WRTC 2022 News
            An important update to the qualification standings is available.

            It includes:

            CQWW CW 2019 Claimed scores added
            CQWW SSB 2019 Claimed scores added.
            RUSSIAN DX CONTEST 2019 Final scores added
            IARU HF 2019 Final scores added
            CQWW WPX CW 2019 Final scores added.
            ARRL DX CW 2019 final scores (fixed)
            73 Al 4L5A



              WRTC 2022 New updates :

              CQWW DX SSB 2019 final result added

              CQWW DX CW 2019 final result added

              Fixed some errors in RDXC (Russian entries) ARRL CW 2020 preliminary result added
              73 Al 4L5A



                New updates :
                RDXC 2020 preliminary score added.
                Fixed some errors in RDXC (Russian entries)
                Please visit :
                For any feedback on the qualification standings please contact us:
                73 Al 4L5A



                  The WRTC 2022 Organizing Committee is accepting applications for Donor Teams

                  Donor Teams are made up of those amateurs who want to help the Organizing Committee make WRTC 2022 a successful event. 

                  They do this in three ways:

                  1. By joining the Italian association that is organizing the WRTC 2022, 2. By adopting and supporting the goals of the association, and 3. By making a donation to support the WRTC 2022 event.

                  The selected Donors Team are each expected to help WRTC 2022 by making a donation of at least 15.000 Euro.   

                  In order to be part of a Donors Team, applicants must show their history of participation in international contests with at least one Top 20 finishing place.    The WRTC 2022 Organizing Committee will select five Donor Team applications in the order received; first-in, first-out.

                  Please send your application email addressed to containing:

                  - the name and call sign of each Donor Team applicant,
                  - a brief informal description of the members,
                  - the list of the most relevant contests in which each member has participated with finishing place
                  - an acknowledgement of the intent to donate at least 15,000 Euro.

                  The WRTC 2022 Organizing Committee will begin processing applications within 7 days and will publish a list of the Donor Teams after their selection and after the association and donation have been completed. Accomodations for the Event WRTC 2022 are included in the donation.

                  For WRTC 2022 Organizing Committee,
                  the President Carlo De Mari IK1HJS
                  73 Al 4L5A