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Amateur Radio warfare

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  • 4L5A
    Looking on HAM Spirit contest and I think organizers of this contest are even more worse then CQ WW CC because more politics, thats not Ham Spirit contest atall.

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  • 4L5A
    Hi Mike!
    Right decision.
    HAM Radio need to stay away from politics.
    CQ WW CC really start dirty game and their declaration that they supporting our Ukranian friends is wrong because such decision destroying relationship between people and HAM Radio was always bridge to build friendly relationship between people World Wide.

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  • VK4DX
    After carefully considering all the options, and in accordance with the latest feedback from both the WIA and NZART, the committee has decided to remove any limitations on the participation of Russian and Belarusian stations in the 2022 OCDX Contest. The 2022 contest rules have been updated accordingly.

    Everyone is welcome, let's play!

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  • 4L5A
    Another Lame Duck attempt of CQWW (master-minded by the WWROF mafia).
    Yes, CQWW realized that radio racism against Belarus and Russian contesters had a remarkable negative impact on the overall participation in CQ contests.
    "Something had to be done"
    Yeah, lets trick the Russians and Belarusians (UA/EW) to participate, BUT make sure the political standpoint still remains clear:
    - UA/EW may now participate and give points and multipliers to others
    - UA/EW may even "win" and reach the top of each category
    - BUT, and this is the UGLY face of collective bullying and dirty Radio Racism : In case a Russian or Belarusian, against all odds, happens to win.... Then this "fella" of course should quickly be taken away the appreciation for his well-deserved effort. The plaque shall be removed to the first Non-Russian or Non-Belarusian. Logical, right?
    All plaque sponsors with a trace of Ham Spirit left, please immediately address CQ (and WWROF) with a letter, stating that the Radio Racime Light version is a Lame Duck, and contradicts the global Ham Spirit intentions. Therefore, I without any hesitation withdraw my sponsorship of CQ plaques with immediate effect. This unless CQ stops political bullying and Radio Racism.
    I ask all Russian and Belarusian contesters not to fall into the trap, thinking that things now are "almost back to normal"!!!
    Continue, like all contesters who are spoon-fed with Ham Spirit many years ago, to BOYCOTT any participation in ANY CQ contests until Radio Racism is entirely removed from their ugly political contests!
    Please have no hesitation or fear whether to share this post or not..
    HRWP = Ham Radio Without Politics!!!
    73 de RM2D (SM6LRR) Mats

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  • 4L5A
    Message received from Luis, XE2B:
    I'm ok with the desire of peace, but politics BS such as the CQ magazine Boycott to Russian hams, have no space on the true Ham radio spirit.

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  • 4L5A
    started a topic Amateur Radio warfare

    Amateur Radio warfare

    Amateur radio warfare

    In my opinion, the confrontation among amateur radio operators is gaining momentum and is constantly increasing.
    In my opinion, the roots of this go back to a relatively old time.
    After the collapse of the Soviet Union the moral bar has fallen for some amateur radio operators.
    Trying to present themselves as Russophiles in fact they are ardent Russophobes, creating around themselves an atmosphere of hatred and setting against themselves other radio amateurs.
    There are many examples of this.
    After the 2008 war, most radio amateurs in Georgia showed their best side and did not stop working with Russian radio amateurs or
    declare any kind of boycott and what have they received in response?.
    There is a frequency on 80 meters where radio amateurs of Georgia gather and peacefully communicate with each other so there was a mass of these so-called patriots which began to revile
    everyone and everything.
    They formed a true dump on 40 and 80 meter bands, where they are practically competing with each other in propaganda for years and the propaganda is not patriotic
    as they are trying to portray it, but anti-human, fascist and racist.
    These scum diagnose whole nations and countries indiscriminately.
    Nothing passes without a trace and it has all gone to the top.

    Today there are fierce disputes about the fact that radio amateurs in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus are humiliated and restricted in every way in their rights.
    Gentlemen look at your own comments and think about whether you are not insulting your colleagues amateur radio operators from other countries with your comments and threats.
    This applies to both Russian and foreign radio amateurs.
    Today I talked to a friend from one country, he said he read the topics on and began to lose the desire to communicate with radio amateurs from Russia.

    Let's look for example at the latest bans in IOTA, Oceania Contest and all CQ contests.

    In case of IOTA Russian amateur radio operators are the most active participants in the program surprisingly we do not defend their rights and keep silence.
    We yet to see the indignation about this instead we had seen activity of Russian expeditions in the IOTA Contest.

    Amateur radio has always been outside of politics.
    And even comparing with the Olympics the amateur radio movement was more apolitical.
    If to look at bans in radio amateurism then communications with Israel were forbidden not only to radio amateurs of the USSR, but also to many Arab countries and today in some countries
    The radio amateurs of Taiwan were not allowed connections with radio amateurs of USSR, in a later period connections with XU1SS, XU1YL.... were forbidden in USSR, but this
    ban didn't last long.
    For example, athletes from South Africa were not allowed to participate in the Olympics, and the radio amateurs did not have such a ban.

    Decisions made by CQ are unprecedented and in my opinion criminal as they are contrary to the very principle of amateur radio.
    They are also in contradiction with the practice of the magazine and the contest committees.
    Have you ever heard of a ban on participation in amateur radio tests 1B, EP, 1Z, CO, P5 .........
    No we haven't.
    In my opinion this is a betrayal of amateur radio interests and the pursuit of their own opportunistic interests.
    The CQ WW Contest Committees are trying to distance themselves from these decisions, but in my opinion they are deceiving and this is obvious and clearly visible from their own actions.
    They want to show themselves better patriots of Ukraine than the Ukrainians?
    Are they stirring things up in order to create a rift between amateur radio operators?
    I think that in this situation, the entire CQ contest committee should resign, if they adhere to the spirit of amateur radio and clearly explain
    Our hobby has nothing to do with politics and our task is to bring people together, not to divide them and plant hatred.

    Separately, I would like to say once again about the Russian radio amateurs who scream about the violation of their rights, probably not realizing that the rights of all radio amateurs of the world are violated
    by such actions.
    There is a lot of controversy about the position of Russia's national organization SRR.
    The main purpose of this organization is to protect the interests of radio amateurs in Russia and also to represent their interests abroad.
    Have we seen any of it yet???
    At the same time some radio amateurs of Russia often present radio amateurs of other countries as enemies. At the same time there are open statements against such a policy
    For example:
    Have we seen any such statements from the Russian clubs?

    WW Committee members from Russia blame everything on the members from Baltic countries, but also remain on the committee presenting it in such a way that they are supposedly fighting for the interests of Russian amateur radio operators.
    The country was excluded from the competition, and you stayed?
    Regarding the new decision of the CQ contest committee about the admission to the competitions but about the deprivation of the rights for awards.
    How's that? So all members of the committee agree with it? And if you do not agree, what are you doing in this committee? This applies not only to the Russians.

    Correctly noted by EX8MJ when there was a topic on about these bans, the greatest activity was shown by EX8MJ and EY8MM, while Russians could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

    But to spit poisonous spittle, calling for the destruction of their own fellow radio amateurs is enough.
    This does damage to our hobby comparable to the decisions of these bureaucrats from amateur radio.

    Unfortunately, many amateur radio amateurs and people I know well from different countries have shown themselves with the worst side.
    I was considering building a new contest QTH in the near future, but the desire has disappeared I do not see the point. As of today I feel no desire to make QSOs with these people !

    At this point, I will probably continue later.