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Video - C8T - Mozambique

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    C8T News 11 May 2018

    We lost a few times our internet connection, and it seems that the synchronisation between computers was lost sometimes. So it is possible to have wrong bandslots-info on clublog BUT OUR LOGS ARE CORRECT on our computers…, so don’t worry if you see a wrong bandslot. We will fix this when we are back at home.

    Propagation was very poor, Nice openings to Asia, and it was just good to EU, but very bad to other area. NA is so difficult to work,….

    We are pushed to do FT8 during the nights, and even during some periods in the daylight because of the bad propagation. We don’t have even the level of reception to do CW in those periods.

    For the TopBand & 80m we are all day active in greyline = 19:00-21:00UTC and from 04:00 06:00UTC. Even then we close all stations to have less noise and interference of other stations on the lowband station.

    We can’t do more then be active on FT8 for much hours a day in case of doing real dxpedition in CW/SSB, because this FT8 isn’t a real dxpedition-mode !! but it works in bad situations.

    C8T Mozambique News 11 May 2018

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  • 4L5A
    started a topic Video - C8T - Mozambique

    Video - C8T - Mozambique

    Video announcement C8T Mozambique DX Pedition

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    C8T Mozambique