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TX5T - Raivavae Island - Austral Islands - 160m

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    TX5T - Raivavae Island - Austral Islands - 160m

    Low Band enthusiasts.....
    The 5 man team going to TX5T, Raivavae Island in the Austral group are pleased to announce that they will be QRV on all bands 160m thru 10m.
    (no permit for 60M). We should arrive August 13th and depart the 22nd.
    The decision has been made to use 18m Spider poles to support a 160m Tee and an 1/4 vertical on 80m.
    Power output will be limited to 500w.
    There are plans for receive antennas as well.
    On Top Band, our frequency allotment begins at 1830 KHz, so look for us just above that and likely listening up most of the time, but down for our friends in JA. We also expect to be QRV on FT8 around 1838-1840.

    The 2018 TX5T team
    73 Al 4L5A