Alex Wagner, OE3DMA will be active with special call OE16AAW from Altenburg, Austria during 16 Antarctic Activity Week.
He will operate on HF Bands.
Information from Alex:

OE16AAW will be operated by OE3DMA from Feb 16 to Feb 24, 2019

WAP-284, OEFF-0077

please keep QSOs short to give the possibility to establish a contact to as many people as possible.

This means:

- Don't tell me my callsign. I know what my callsign is.

- Don't shout 2 letters at me. Only FULL callsigns please.

- Don't bother me with that "slash Q R P" thing, nice for you if you made it with 2 watts, but useless for me.

- I will NOT use e-qsl, so please don't ask me for it. Only paper-QSL. If you don't have cards, please go to a shop and ask for a "picture post card" of your town :-)

- When using PSK63, please don't tell me what your computer is or your shoe-size, whatever... Do you really think I must know that?

I hope to meet you all on the bands. I will try to be as active as possible.

OE16AAW Alex Wagner, Altenburg, Austria