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OE16AAW - Altenburg - Austria

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    OE16AAW - Altenburg - Austria

    Alex Wagner, OE3DMA will be active with special call OE16AAW from Altenburg, Austria during 16 Antarctic Activity Week.
    He will operate on HF Bands.
    QSL via OE3DMA.
    Information from Alex:

    OE16AAW will be operated by OE3DMA from Feb 16 to Feb 24, 2019

    WAP-284, OEFF-0077

    please keep QSOs short to give the possibility to establish a contact to as many people as possible.

    This means:

    - Don't tell me my callsign. I know what my callsign is.

    - Don't shout 2 letters at me. Only FULL callsigns please.

    - Don't bother me with that "slash Q R P" thing, nice for you if you made it with 2 watts, but useless for me.

    - I will NOT use e-qsl, so please don't ask me for it. Only paper-QSL. If you don't have cards, please go to a shop and ask for a "picture post card" of your town :-)

    - When using PSK63, please don't tell me what your computer is or your shoe-size, whatever... Do you really think I must know that?

    I hope to meet you all on the bands. I will try to be as active as possible.

    OE16AAW Alex Wagner, Altenburg, Austria
    73 Al 4L5A