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Codan - XTEND Envoy HF Transceiver

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    Codan - XTEND Envoy HF Transceiver

    Can you contol Codan Envoy transceivers from Android phone? - Sure
    Can you change channel? - Yes
    Can you make Emergency Calls - Yes
    Can you have mute selection, easitalk selection, digital voice activation, digital voice speed selection? - YES
    Codan XTEND is an Android application that allows connection to a Codan SDR transceiver. ( Envoy and Sentry HF Transceivers)
    For the Codan XTEND to work with a transceiver the SDR must have sales option 15-10622 enabled. This can be done by either an option code or using TPSF V2.01 or higher.
    For Codan XTEND to work your transceiver should be connected to a Wifi network. The simplest way to do this is to use the Codan SmartLink device. However, it will also work if you have connected your transceiver to a WLAN.

    Generally, applications are installed on an Android SmartPhone using Google Play. To install an application using Google Play you must first create a Google account. If you have a Google Play account you can download Codan Xtend directly from the Google Play store ​​​​​​​

    For more information contact:
    AT Communication
    73 Al 4L5A