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KH6LC Hawaii

KH6LC Team will be active from Hawaiian Islands, IOTA OC - 019, in RSGB IOTA Contest, 24 - 25 July 2021.
Team - KH6LC, NH6V, W6NV.
Recent DX Spots KH6LC
They will operate in Multi Single Category.
Ads for direct QSL:
Tom Thomas, WA6WPG 1149 Gentle Dr. Corona, Ca. 92880, USA.

KH6LC Rainbow, Hawaii Tourist attractions spotRainbow, Hawaii. Author - Peter Rath.

Hawaii KH6LC

Hawaii DX News KH6LC

KH6LC. Where are Hawaiian Islands located. Map.

KH6LC Hawaii. Sunrise 07-24-2021 at 15:54 GMT sunset at 05:03 GMT
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