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FK/LZ1GC and FK/LZ5QZ will be active from New Caledonia Island, IOTA OC - 032, 10 - 19 March 2024.
They will operate on 160 - 10m, CW, SSB, RTTY, FT8, FT4.
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New Caledonia: useful tips, sights, shopping, cooking and more

In the Pacific Ocean lies one of the most famous and picturesque French colonies, New Caledonia, spread over one large and several small islands. The possession is separated by small straits from the islands of the archipelago of Fiji, Vanuatu and Australia. The capital of the colonial province is the city of Noumea.

FK/LZ1GC FK/LZ5QZ Noumea, New Caledonia IslandNoumea, New Caledonia Island. Author - Michael Jeddah.

State language and population

The official language of New Caledonia is French, although the local population prefers to communicate in Creole and Melanesian dialects, and due to the proximity of English-speaking Australia, Japanese and English are spoken everywhere.

The indigenous population of the islands is Melanesian or Kanak, but over the years of French patronage a strong European community has formed here, which in the local dialect is called Kaldoshi, "diluted" by representatives of the French army sent here for service.

The official state religion of New Caledonia is Catholic Christianity, although the natives continue to follow the faith practiced by their ancestors.

Climatic conditions

The geographical location of the islands determines their tropical climate with characteristic trade winds. The year is divided into three seasons:

  • Summer - starts in November and ends in March;
  • winter - lasts from April to October;
  • the rainy season is December through March.

The best time to travel to these places is during the high season, which lasts from September to the end of November and the beginning of December.

FK/LZ1GC FK/LZ5QZ New Caledonia IslandNew Caledonia Island. Author - Bruno Senges.

Where to vacation?

Tourism infrastructure of New Caledonia can hardly be called refined and developed - it is a typical island state, in which the rate is made on refined beach and extreme recreation. The best beaches of the colony are located in the capital, the city of Nouméa. These are:

  • Eno Vata and Baia des Citron beaches;
  • the coral atoll of Nocanmue;
  • Couto Bay and Oro Bay.

And, putting your hand on your heart, more picturesque places for ecological and family vacation, wedding trip extreme or relaxation tour is hard to find! Moreover, you can diversify the beach idleness with a trip to the hunting grounds of Burai, Forestier National Park, the cultural center of Tjibau and the aquarium of the capital.

Extreme travelers will prefer the north side of New Caledonia. The eastern village of Poindimier is favored by the best surfers and divers, while snorkelers should stay in Kendau Bay.

National cuisine

French cuisine is very popular in the islands of New Caledonia, which is not surprising. It is a non-classical school - notes of local color are woven into it.

In addition, in cafes and restaurants tourists can offer Oriental cuisine - Chinese and Japanese, the best recipes from African and Indonesian cuisine, there are institutions specializing in Italian menu.

You can also try local dishes, such as meat of animals living on these islands or roast chicken, cereals and vegetables wrapped in banana leaves and baked on a hot roaster.

A separate page of local cuisine - seafood, which in huge quantities are brought to the market by fishermen. They are cooked not only in restaurants, but also right on the street, so their flavor contributes to the relaxed and relaxed atmosphere of New Caledonia.

Alcohol is not forbidden - you won't have to pay a hefty fine to the local treasury for a bottle of beer opened on the street, but it is still better to consume alcohol in specially designated places, for example, in cafes. Moreover, in every restaurant the client will be offered a choice of wine from a sumptuous list of local and French wines.

FK/LZ1GC FK/LZ5QZ New Caledonia Island Tourist attractions spotNew Caledonia Island. Author - Ted McGrath.

Financial aspect

The currency of New Caledonia is the French Pacific franc, pegged to the euro exchange rate. But you can pay in hotels, restaurants, parking lots, museums and Australian and New Zealand dollars. Currency is exchanged in banks, and plastic cards are used mainly in the capital. Outside the capital it is better to pay in cash. Travel cheques can be issued in euros, and they should be cashed at branches of financial organizations.

New Caledonia Attractions

The main attraction of the island nation is the Barrier Reef and its surrounding bays, which are under the auspices of UNESCO. Stretching 1,500 km in length, the reef surrounds the main island and several small islets, forming lagoons with an amazing and sometimes unique ecosystem.

Divers will appreciate the clear waters of the bays, ideal for deep-sea diving. For beginners, it is better to choose the beach ridge of Gadji Pass. By the way, it is here that the famous Devil's Grotto with the Cave of Satan is located, which can be reached only by swimming through a narrow underwater grotto.

Yacht lovers should go on a trip from the capital to the island of Ile de Pin, with a mooring in Couto Bay. A canoe can successfully replace the yacht and take you around the southern tip of the main island.

Pin Island is ideal for hiking and biking, with a stop at the village of Wao. It is home to the famous statue of St. Maurice, after whom, incidentally, the adjacent bay is named.

For thrill-seekers, the village of Burai is worth a visit, where deer hunting licenses are issued and underwater hunting is allowed everywhere, so tourists will have no problems with permits.

Useful tips

And now, we propose to read the information that will be useful to every traveler who is going to the wilds of New Caledonia for the first time.

Surprises and gifts

Decorative jade amulets made by local people are traditional souvenirs. They can be found in souvenir stores, and the farther they are from the capital, the less you can pay for a standard set of gifts for friends. Also, an original gift will be a handicraft made of shells and corals, seashells, animal bones.


EU citizens can bring in any type of currency, but CIS residents cannot bring in more than 10,000 Euros or the equivalent in other currencies without entering information about these funds in the customs declaration.

When leaving the country, adult tourists are allowed to carry up to 30,000 Pacific francs worth of products, minors can take out of the country products not exceeding the limit of 15,000 francs.

It is not allowed to bring into the country:

  • alcohol in the form of absinthe and aniseed vodka;
  • any products containing meat;
  • rare species of flora and fauna;
  • poultry and dogs of fighting breeds;
  • antiques or other items capable of being an object of cultural and historical heritage without accompanying authorization documentation.
  • If medicines are imported, a notarized prescription must be written for each medicine;
  • certificates must be prepared for animals, including information on vaccinations, tests and absence of diseases. All vaccinations and tests must be done at least 90 days prior to travel.

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