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3B9AT Rodrigues Island

3B9AT Team will be active from Rodrigues Island, IOTA AF - 017, 27 December 2023 - 6 January 2024.
Team - Luca, IV3JVJ and Ivan, IK3ZAQ.
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They will operate on 40 - 10m, SSB, CW, FT8.

Rodrigues Island

In the north-east of Mauritius, surrounded by many coral reefs, is a modest provincial island called Rodrigues. This point on the map was discovered by the navigator Diego Rodrigues some 500 years ago. During its existence, the owners of the island became first the Dutch, then the French, and then the British.

Today Rodrigues is a completely free territory, with many beautiful places, unique nature, unforgettable fishing opportunities, curious cuisine and a hospitable population. It is truly a paradise that can win the heart of every tourist for a long time.

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Perhaps the best place to start with an overview of the island is its attractive climate. The weather itself makes you want to stay in Rodrigues, if only for a few days. Forget about the harsh cold, because even in winter, in the dark, the thermometer does not fall below 17° Celsius.

In summer it is even warmer, up to 30°C. In fact, there is no heat, as the winds from the Indian Ocean pleasantly cool, creating optimal conditions for life. Another interesting feature of the local climate is that the weather is very variable. From December to March it rains most of the time.

Cyclones also await visitors, which, fortunately, do not pose a danger to human and animal health.

Who inhabits the island?

The population of Rodrigues, according to the latest data, is determined by the figure of 35 thousand inhabitants. They are predominantly Africans, who speak Creole and sometimes French, and are adherents of the Catholic religion. They love fishing, are engaged in agriculture and always welcome travellers who by air or water have reached the border of the island.

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A little about the capital

The most interesting destination on the island is rightly considered to be the capital. The city of Port Maturin is nestled in the north-west direction of Rodrigues and represents a special highlight. Here there is no extensive crowding, the eternal bustle and noise of passing cars, which are so inherent in modern metropolises. Houses are decorated "under the old", and people - wear magnificent clothes.

For many people Port Maturin becomes love at first sight. The tranquil atmosphere, peace and quiet quickly become a favourite with those who come to Rodrigues from larger towns and cities. It's as if everything here is purpose-built in such a way that walking around the town leaves a lot of pleasant impressions. Shops with Asian vendors, streets with English names, where bank offices and leading companies are located, and finally, the charming courthouse, built similarly to the sheriffs' houses known from Hollywood films - all of this simply cannot be ignored by holidaymakers!

Another advantage of Rodrigues is nature

Nature is the next item on the list of the most important advantages of the island. It is particularly charming due to the variety of trees, of which there are more than 40 species in total. Rodrigues is also home to an extremely rare species of bat. In the past, there were also dodos.

One of the main attractions is undoubtedly the Lemon Mountain, which is almost 400 metres high. It is the highest point of the island and an ideal place for romantic walks. There is a fascinating route along the coastline, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sandy design of the sea beaches, to see the bays and marvellous coves at first hand.

The marvellous Victoria Falls, the original caves that invite every curious visitor inside, the interesting Oyster Bay, the unusual-looking mangroves - all this is located in the southern part of the island. For those for whom all this is not enough, we suggest to get acquainted with the charming Catholic chapel of Sacré-Coeur, Cotton Cape and the bay of Grand Baie.

When it comes to the neighbourhood of Rodrigues, the conservation of nature is taken care of in a particularly responsible way. There are a number of protected areas within the island, which cannot be visited without an official permit. Some islands do not require a permit. Although there and there the tourist will find green vegetation and ecology, which will add strength, energy and vigour!

3B9AT Rodrigues Island Flag

3B9AT. Rodrigues Island Flag.

For those who love to fish

Fishing enthusiasts will love Rodrigues Island more than anything else. Hunting for the inhabitants of the underwater kingdom is possible all year round. However, professionals are advised to schedule it for the autumn or spring months. The fact is that it is in this period increases the chances of successfully catching tuna, hammerhead fish and huge barracuda. In general, fishing is unlikely to leave anyone disappointed!

What to eat?

National cuisine is a peculiar cocktail of European, Asian and African traditions in the field of culinary art. The main dish is rice, which is never served without exquisite seasoning in the form of sauce and spices.

In addition to rice, a snack - "puri" - is usually put on the table. To put it in plain language, puris are sandwiches made of special flour with vegetables, meat, fish and sea products and seasoning sauce.

Fish and seafood such as tuna, marlin, mullet are generally very popular in Rodriguez. Fish is often cooked over regular coals or smoked. Finally, fish can always be boiled, adding spices and even eaten raw with lemon juice.

Delicacies include octopus, snails, shells, crayfish and sea urchins. You cannot do without spices, vegetables and herbs.

The final item in the list of local menu is traditionally coffee, which has an unusual flavour for Europeans. For those who do not want coffee, it can always be changed for milk, fruit juices, herbal infusions, beer or rum. And for fast food, order potato or aubergine pies, coconut cakes or tartlets.

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