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CE0X/CE5WQO San Felix Island Los Desventuradas

CE0X/CE5WQO San Felix : Felipe, CE5WQO inform that he will be active from San Felix Island, Desventuradas Islands, (IOTA SA-013) between July - September 2016 as CE0X/CE5WQO (dates must be confirmed).
He will operate on 160 - 6m CW, SSB, RTTY.
More information will be available soon.

San Félix DXpedition 2017

Press Release # 1

After my experience in CE0Z Juan Fernandez Isl 2014 as CE0Z/CE5WQO I decide to make all the efforts to put another Chilean most wanted ON AIR, so San Félix Isl is on mind.

After my experience in CE0Z Juan Fernandez Isl 2014 as CE0Z/CE5WQO I decide to make all the efforts to put another Chilean most wanted ON AIR, so, San Félix Isl is on mind.

A few month ago I posted on the the information of my next activity in CE0X San Félix Isl, the original idea was a small team of three operators, after receive many e-mails of different station around the world proposing the idea of forming a large Team, I have been in contact with some stations of US to make this possible.

After work hard in The Chilean Ministery of Telecomunication and The Navy authorizations and permissions are granted, for now just need to take care of the logistical details to put this entity On Air.

Then I came with a team of world-renowned operators, with whom I worked, to day the relations with the team are broken, for a lack of trust, and the lack of support in logistics since most of the work I've done it myself, and is easy to receive news at the other side of the desk, while who makes efforts and spends money for this project it is one, guess who...

I decide to announce that the team will be only for three operators, Dima RA9USU on cw, other operator for Digital/CW, and me on SSB.

We will cover from 160 - 6 mts in SSB CW RTTY.

I need to confirm that this entity will be on air on 2017, with or without a large team, the exact date is still not defined.

My efforts will be for the chance that I have to put this entity on air, to bring a new entity to many Hams in the world, 14 years have passed since the last dxpedition, and will pass another 14 years, because this opportunity must not be wasted, it is very difficult to get these permits especially for foreins.

The second press release will include information with more details.

Thanks to all the friends that has send his support and friendship to make this project happen.

Felipe Gutiérrez

CE0X/CE5WQO News 25 March 2016

Dima, RA9USU will be part of the CE0X/CE5WQO.

San Felix Desventuradas Islands CE0X/CE5WQO

Where San Felix Island is located. Map.

CE0X/CE5WQO San Felix Island Los Desventuradas. Sunrise 12-05-2016 at 10:18 GMT sunset at 00:04 GMT


Rating: 5 of 5
André Deblaize
  • Callsign: F6GLX
  • 2016-08-30 11:50:48
Hola Felipe ! Bravo pour l'expédition à trois op, surtout avec Dima qui est un tout bon opérateur CW. 73 à tous et surtout bonne chance pour 2017... André F6GLX
Rating: 5 of 5
  • Callsign: K5OA
  • 2016-08-29 03:31:21
Goooooo. #335 ATNO for me. Russ K5OA
Rating: 5 of 5
Luis (Ludwig)
  • Callsign: HB9CWA
  • 2016-04-01 06:51:14
Hola Felipe and friends CE=X is one of the last callsign I need for the honor roll diploma of DXCC. So I ask you for a sked before the dx-pedition. Pse give me infos. Mni tnx vy 73 de Luis HB9CWA

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