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FM/AA4OC FM/N7BF FM/WT4BT FM/W6ABM Martinique Island

AA4OC, N7BF, WT4BT, W6ABM will be active from Martinique Island (IOTA NA-107) 29 October - 4 November 2016 as FM/AA4OC, FM/N7BF, FM/WT4BT, FM/W6ABM.
They will operate on 40 - 10m SSB, Digital modes.
QSL via home call, LOTW.

Martinique FM/AA4OC FM/N7BG FM/WT4BT FM/W6ABM DX News Martinique. Author - Thierry Vilmus.

Martinique Island FM/AA4OC FM/N7BF FM/WT4BT FM/W6ABM Tourist attractions spot Carnaval.Carnaval, Martinique. Author - Jacques Lebleu.

Martinique FM/AA4OC FM/N7BF FM/WT4BT FM/W6ABM Hummingbird.Hummingbird, Martinique. Author - Guillaume.

Where Martinique is located. Map.

FM/AA4OC FM/N7BF FM/WT4BT FM/W6ABM Martinique Island. Sunrise 12-07-2016 at 10:16 GMT sunset at 21:35 GMT


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Mac Thomas
  • Callsign: WT4BT
  • 2016-04-28 12:02:54
We will not be using OQRS. LoTW or QSL to home call (SASE please) or via buro. Will try to upload to CubLog daily if possible Mac/WT4BT

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