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J79WWW Dominica Island

KK4WWW will be active from Dominica Island 20 January - 4 February 2010 as J79WWW.
He will be active as much as he can.
QSL via N4USA.

Dominica Island J79WWW DX News


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  • Callsign: BOOqcwHcplsDfaH
  • 2012-03-14 21:11:54
I love this list of the differences in Dominica and the cretuips the lizards I could definitely do without! Also, the little fellows are growing so big! It's been 3 mos since they had their sleepover with Auntie Ann and Uncle Jerry, and they are double their weights, I think, if not more. Good job, Mama Michelle! And don't YOU look great! Motherhood and Dominica agree with you! Thomas is ever the classic with his white hat. Please let me know what the options look like for next year I do hope they are not too far from MD! We miss you guys! Love, A and J.

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