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4O3A Opinion about Single Op Categories in CQ WW

Hello contesters!
I red many emails about this subject and I recognize that many contesters somehow missed a point. Let's be focused on basic issues, not going deeply in details.
We have to support technology growing, of course. Nobody is against it, I am sure.
"Problem" we have and we are discussing is very simple and minor to be solved, from my point of view.
CQ WW contest does not have any problem with categories at all. All is fine as it is.
Problem is mostly generating in two "fields":
1.Bad treatment of SOSB Assisted and none publishing this results in CQ magazine.
AS RESULT of that we have huge percentage of cheating and claiming Unassisted instead Assisted. That is what I conclude after discussion with many SOSB entrants. Most of them said the same to me - If they do Assisted, and claim Assisted, they feel like second league, because organizer openly ignores this category in results. That is a fact I could not ignore and oppose in discussion. I know they did wrong (they do either) , but not much arguments on my side…?
This "problem" is really simple and marginal to be solved, and I blame organizer for it.
Solution is:
S1. All Assisted scores must be presented and printed same as Unassisted. Simple, efficient and does not cost any. Make Assisted to be respected as it deserve
2.Second problem is consequence of fact that organizer did not DQ obvious and most dangerous cheaters, and one of them is now holding title of multiple CQ WW champion? Shame.

CC must be brave, prudent, tactical, open, innovative and strict in removing cheaters. Cheating is reason for having CQ WW in "crisis" - not categories. But as everything is process, and we are "changing", improvements needs a time to be done. Last few years I see a lot of improvements. Public logs, new rules, inspection and hope it will keep that way. I am appealing CC to be more open, much faster in publishing results, supporting each category on the same level and to be categorical in keeping cheaters away

73 Ranko 4O3A
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