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We receive email from ET3SID with following information: The callsign is 9E2ABL he is a pirate and is not licensed he was one of my students and is using ET3AA.
STATION as his own. I am in UK at the moment and will return next week to sort things out.
Please inform and ARRL the he is a pirate and not licensed. regards es 73 de sid et3sid /et3aa/g4ctq......................................

Pirate 9E2ABL Ethiopia

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sid may
  • Callsign: et3sid/et3aa/g4ctq etc
  • 2009-10-16 11:35:16
I have taught Abel what he knows and he is frustrated by the system in Ethiopia all my efforts have been to establish an International Licensing Centre so with ethiopian telecommunication recognition we could teach and examine those interested to carry out a course of training. What I have done is to establish the station ET3AA at Shemeles Habte school duly licensed and within the laws of the country. Abel was allowed to use ET3AA for training providing he kept within the law. What he has done is to put amateur radio in Ethiopia at risk and the possible confiscation of the station and also possible arrest. By creating his own call sign he has already caused a lot of questions in the wrong places to be asked. He had the use of ET3AA no need to put the station at risk by using an illegal callsign. It is ok to being enthusiastic but not at the expense of 16years effort in Ethiopia and imprisonment. He has no idea of the seriousness of what he is doing............
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  • Callsign: 9e2abl
  • 2009-10-16 10:07:28
the conditions to have licence here is one must have another countrys lisecence if any body can help me with that it will be greatfull. here no body listens to me because i am a kid only 18 years old thats the reason. i am prepard for all test coming cw als o the books and practical part. but i dont know when these system changes pse help. abel