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9M2/RA9LR Kedah Langkawi Island

Specified dates of arrival of the air 9M2/RA9LR.
June 24 2011 on July 10, 2011 callsign 9M2/RA9LR from Langkawi Island IOTA AS-058 group of Kedah is still active, Vladimir (RA9LR), known as 8Q7LR, S79LR.
Work in the air will be digital modes, SSB and CW, preference is given to work on low-frequency bands.
Many thanks for help in obtaining a license Azman Ismail 9M2MT.
QSL-card sent exclusively to home call ( VLADIMIR VASILYEV P.O. BOX 2775 Tyumen-3 625003,Russia or P.O.BOX 3713 625046 TYUMEN-46).
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Langkawi Island Kedah Islands 9M2/RA9LR

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