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Albania ZA1TC 2012

For CQ WPX SSB 2012, ZA1TC callsign has now been issued once more to TA1HZ for the period of 23-26 March 2012.
He will be once more travelling to Durres, Albania and with the kind support of ZA1FD Fatos Demeti he will be on the air with ZA prefix.
Equipment will be similar to September 2011 WAE SSB Contest work, with the Kenwood TS570D and Windon FD4 antenna.
During his spare time from the contest he will try to work some PSK31, especially on 30m band.
Details and QSL info is in and TCSWAT web page.

Tevfik Aydin Kazancioglu TA1HZ

Albania ZA1TC 2012

Albania ZA1TC TA1HZ

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