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AT1HQ India Amateur Radio Society 2009

AT1HQ will be the sole callsign used by all stations out of India representing ARSI - the national association in IARU DX Contest 11 - 12 July 2009.
That's right, just one call sign for all bands and modes per the letter from
our Ministry of Communications which we have in hand today.
The bands, stations and locations are as follows:
80 VU2PTT Bangalore
40 VU2SWS Mumbai
20 VU2SWS Mumbai
15 VU2PAI Mangalore (Ops 2PAI & 2MTT)
10 VU2PTT Bangalore
160 VU2BGS Bangalore
80 VU2BGS Bangalore
40 VU2TS BR Hills
20 VU2PAI Mangalore (Ops 2PAI & 2MTT)
15 VU2PTT Bangalore
10 VU2UR Bangalore
QSL via VU2PTT Po Box 7523,Bangalore 560075,India, LOTW.

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