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AU2JCB India

AU2JCB is a special event call-sign to commemorate the birth date (30 NOV) & to pay homage &to tell about the great INDIAN scientist Acharya JAGADISH CHANDRA BOSE who is recognized as the "Father of Wireless Communication" by the scientific community of our world &IEEE.
I am, VU2DSI is operating with this call sign for the last 17 years since 2005& operate AU2JCB from 25 NOV 2022 to 13 DEC 2022.
Recent DX Spots AU2JCB
The Details of operation ----
Period----25 NOV 2022 to 13DEC 2022
10 M-- 28545, 28510,28490. 21 M—21235, 21310, 21350.
20M—14210, 14250, 14310. 40 M---7040, 7150.
80 M --- 3710.
IN FM MODE----- 6M –50800, 51500. 10 M---29700.
Preferably the operation will be on higher bands according to propagation conditions.

FOR DX STATIONS PLEASE SEND 2IRC's-----IF POSSIBLE--- as many many DX stations are requesting QSL's.
I will appreciate the GOOD number of used postal stamps instead of IRC as I love collecting stamps.
Aacharya J.C.BOSE:

Aacharya J.C.Bose is well known as the “Father of Wireless Communication”.
Acharya Bose's demonstration in 1895 & 1897 predates all.
Bose transmitted wireless signals to a distance of a mile. Popova in Russia was still trying remote signaling at this time & the first wireless experiment by Marconi was not successful until May 1897.
Bose is a pioneer in microwave optics technology.
Bose's invention of 1-centimeter to 5 millimeters radio waves is being used in radars, satellite communication& remote sensing.
Bose's concepts from his original 1897 papers are now incorporated into a new 1.3 mm multi-beam receiver on the NRAO (National Radio Observatory) 12 Meter Telescope.
Bose anticipated the use of P-type& N-type semiconductors & hence 60 years ahead of his time. Bose developed the use of GALENA crystals for making receivers.
In Bose's presentation to the Royal Institution in London in January 1897, he speculated on the existence of electromagnetic radiation from the sun. This radiation from the sun was not detected until 1942.


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