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C7A 4Y1A 4U1VIC Vienna

For immediate release
27 March 2014

Vienna International Amateur Radio Club (VIARC)proudly announces that VIARC will operate stations under newly releasedcallsigns of C7A and 4Y1A as a host institute. The callsign block C7A-C7Z is allocated to World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and 4YA-4YZ is to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
Recent DX Spots C7ARecent DX Spots 4Y1A VIARC is operating a UN amateur radio station with the callsign 4U1VIC at Vienna International Centre which hosts numerous UN organizations and other international organizations.

VIARC welcomes the new prefixes, C7 and 4Y, which are allocated to the UN organizations. Activations of these new callsigns will attract attentions from all over the world, which will assist promotions of these organizations, as well as a whole UN system.

The new callsigns, C7A and 4Y1A, will be activated in special occasions related to the organizations as commemorative operations, such as World Meteorological Day or International Civil Aviation Day.

For further information, inquire will be sent to

Vienna International Amateur Radio Club,

Vienna International Centre, Box 200

Wagramerstrasse 5,
A-1400 Vienna

Attn: J. Tanaka, President,

WMO Flag of World Meteorological Organization

International Civil Aviation Flag of ICAO 4Y1A

C7A World Meteorological Organization QSL

International Civil Aviation Organization 4Y1A QSL

C7A 4Y1A 4U1VIC Vienna comments forum

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