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Individual and Team Competition, the CQ WW DX CW Contest 2010

Well then, the time of CQ WW CW Contest 2010 is approached, it is to be happen the coming weekend.

Sure, as usual, great attention will be attracted to SOAB HP category.
K3EST made the last year observers’ visits into slapstick comedy.
Particularly, EF8M team, for sure, got a large bounty.
The crew members could not even dream about such a gift inspector like Roger, G3SXW.
The only things he was doing again, again, and again, were drinking, eating, and sleeping.
Generally speaking, there was no need to inspect Tom 8P5A.
According to contesters opinion, the most out-of-luck operator was Jose, CT1BOH, as he was really weak the last year CQ WW CW, everyone considers, merits shall be given to S50XX.

Well, let’s see, how the Contest will run without inspectors...
Will any of the participants dismiss EA8BH’s record ?
In general, sure, the situation is absurd, as this is individual and team competition, the CQ WW CW Contest.
But one has to think anything but teams are participating in different entries, - all of them are in one and the same category - SOAB :-)

I am personally sure, Russian teams will be on top against American individual. It’s not important, which continent the Russian team is operating from, - Africa, or Asia :-)

Good luck in the Contest everybody,
73 Al 4L5A
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