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After CQ WPX SSB CC made log public (Thanks, great job!)
I was thinking: may I check “big guns” logs?
If I participate as part of M/M, M/S etc., can I work my club station
to give some pts to them and also have some fun with my own call? But when I start to dig…
Probably will be a better thing to “leave a shovel in the shed”.
After CC made some brave decisions in CQ WW contests(Yellow and Red cards) its seems to be affect mostly
Eastern EU operators. Reading russian spoken contest forums, boards looks like that may be a piece of true. A lad was very unhappy. But its isn’t true. Many western stations do some very “funny tricks”. One of the team members are in log, mostly on all six bands, but not in any other logs. It looks like they drive home. Turn on a radio, found club station and give them some points. I don’t think it’s a good way to win.
I don’t want to say they do those qso from a club station.
So I start from European Russians M/S. Just first three. Here some “digging” results.
Prefect operation is UA3TW(part of team RN3T).
This log(UA3TW) may be taken as example. Yes, he was part of RN3T, but at the same time he has some fun from home QTH. At least he gives some pts to RN3T competitors.
That is the “bravest” op: DK1II(DR1A), and he send a “log”. Why? Six qso in log and just one call logged.
Will DR1A win EU without having six DK1II calls in log? Absolutely! So what a reason? Did those six qs-s help them to win in the World? No!
OH6RX(EB8AH, possible mistake in log which was not corrected before submitting log).
GM7A(op GM7AAJ), GM7AAJ/M in log. And no qs-s found in others logs.
NQ4I: K4ST-qso only with NQ4I. And no log(K4ST) send.(no log, qso only with NQ4I, didn’t found anywhere, same as GM7AAJ/M). Will they win without K4ST in log? Yes and yes again.
And “winner” is:
LY5W set up new Lithuanian “record”.
Saulius also hold his old call sign: LY2BIM. I know him as a brilliant contester and nice chap.
But when I saw him log and found:
QSO: 3500 PH 2010-03-28 2308 LY5W 59 1039 LY2BIM 59 012 0

That only examples witch I found. I was don’t want to dig so deep.
Looks very sad: NQ4I trophy goes to DR1A. With lots of corrections and apologise.
So, what I going to say. That’s very, very sad.
Hey! Big Guns! Its always nice to log You, nice to hear yours calls, but where are You rolling?
If its “up”, so what next?
All this is IMHO clearly under p XIII WPX rules: unsportsmanlike conduct.
Trying to win using this way, looks for me just at least “strange” and at least unethical.
Its no more HAM radio spirit. May I lose something in school?


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  • Callsign: S56A
  • 2011-03-08 02:29:29
Don't kill the messenger! LY3MM found strange behaviour of DK1II telling DR1A ops that he safely arrived home on 6 bands. There are several good reasons to scrutinize DR1A logs: CN8WW QROOO history, DA0HQ jamboree, WRTC-2006 cheerleading. The world has changed since Gutenberg! P.S. I still believe that DL6FBL & DL1MFL team was #3 at WRTC-2000. ΧΡΟΝΙΑ ΠΟΛΛΑ ΜΠΕΝ ! ΚΑΙ ΚΑΛΑ!
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  • Callsign: DK6XZ @ DR1A
  • 2011-02-23 06:14:04
Hello Dmitry and the others! First, I would like to congratulate Dmitry for his effort on 80m HP in the named contest. He must be a good operater having won world #1 from EI7M station, tightly followed by E71A. BHCC analysed his log too, but only in order to find out what could be improved at E71A, and/or to understand the difference in points. For the interested, see the comparation at :: I am proud to played a small role within the international DR1A crew and was enjoying the contest itself very much having enormous fun on the bands and sharing a good time with my team colleagues. All of them are very fine people and great operators. We all were also very excided about the record set. It was so said to hear and read something later rummors, even in some top-team circles, as a wide public discussion was initiated and led where suche irrelevant issues ( related 2:10.000 ) were the main matter. If that is the point of contesting? Certainly not. Contesting is not only very specific sport competetion, it is also about having fun and getting friends in a global community fascinated by radio-technology. Not to forget HAM-Spirit outside of the bands may help us finding the proper way to the origins of our passion. 73 Suad, DK6XZ & E77XZ
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  • Callsign: DL3DXX/DR1A
  • 2011-02-11 03:51:31
Hi I also was member of DR1A in WPX 2010 and I am the log responsible for DR1A. I'm sorry that I missed to check our log against calls of participants and remove them from our log - my mistake. After several thousand of contacts it happens but it has so little impact on the result - so simply not worth a long discussion. I am gratefull when team mates call in after they returned home and glad to hear their "Hi, I am safe home, was nice to be part of the team ... and you are 59 001" - so why not put it in the log ? We at DR1A are coming from all-over Germany and we are driving hundreds of kilometer to join and do the contest together. Isn´t it nice just to say hello back to the remaining crew doing the last part of the contest ? I don´t like the way that people only give points to their own club or station. Sorry to see, that it also happens to DK1II and DF6JC. It´s not very clever because it would have been easy just to spread some points around and probably nobody would complain. Anyway it happened. We spoke with both and it will not happen again. What I really hate are people who dig in the logs of other people to find obvious enttries and use it for speculations and suspicions. Why not asking DK1II or DR1A personally before these kind of speculations are brought into bright public ? Is it just lack of recognition, beeing a "making the world better" hero or is is it just lack of intelligence ? The result of such writing is the suspicion that some stations are doing strange things to win. If you LY3MM would carefully check our DR1A CQ-WPX log you would have found out the real matter yourself. I appreciate if people first think about, what their writing will blow up in the public before they start doing it. Just a silly wish... Dietmar
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  • Callsign: LY3MM/EI3JZ
  • 2011-02-10 12:56:12
Hi Ben, Calm down please. DR1A doing great result in past few years. Your team has no any competitors even beside in EU. I just take my "hat off". I just show some ugly moments in "Big Guns" logs .And nothing against DR1A or BCC. Must be DK1II points be taken to BCC? May be just simply can be explained to Franz that is not a "good way" to help club? I am not a M/M operator, so I am not do not feel envy. My opinion: top finished staitons logs must be an example, for novices and veterans. Can we talk about it calmly and try to find consensus? Have You other opinion? GL and 73! Dan
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  • Callsign: DL6FBL/DR1A
  • 2011-02-10 01:59:46
DK1II was a one-time guest operator at DR1A. He operated on Saturday and was driving back home on Sunday. Same as one of our regular operators, DF6JC. They both operated from their home stations after they left DR1A. Why shouldn't they work DR1A, too? We have heard of a similar discussion on another reflector, and the DR1A core team has agreed internally that during the contest we will accept ANY callers (just because we cannot order our operators not to work DL1XYZ, DL9XXX, DL3YYY etc. when they are calling!). But before log submission we will parse our log for such "internal" and "befriended" callsigns and remove them from the log. Period. Hey, wait a minute... Remove from the log? Isn't that bad sportsmanship? Removing contacts that have correctly taken place??? Just to have a "clean log" so that jealous people out there don't find a reason to cry, shout and fingerpoint? Is that a better solution? Any opinions?