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CQ WW DX 2008

CQ WW DX 2008
This article has been written earlier, but I decided to publish it after the january 15 th, the CQWW DX CW 2008 log submission deadline. It has been discussed for a very long time that the logs should be submitted in a short term period after the contest, but nothing has been done yet.
Randy K5ZD had posted a nice article about it on but no actions have yet been taken.
I have had a discussion with a well-known contester lately and he told me why some contesters keep the logs and do not send them till the deadline, and in some cases they ask the contest committee for a log submission deferment even after the deadline.
It appears to be very simple, they want more time for checking their own logs when the contest is over.
For the log-checking before the deadline they use various callsign databases widely spread on the Internet, but after the deadline they also use the list of submitted logs at the CQWW contest Website.
Like the rumors say, it is simple. One can send his log the last day or he can ask Bob K3EST for a deferment and that deferment would be given.
In reality, as I was told, you can send your CQ WW DX SSB log even at the end of January. But not only to send your log, but also join the list of top-score contenders. So I do not understand what is the object of the contest rules?
So it appears that the Contest Committee can change the Rules just as they want ?
From my point of view the idea about a very short term for log submission should be supported, and also the idea of CQ WW 160 Contest Committee about the audio record should be supported too. This audio record should be an obligatory requirement for top-score contenders.
We thank Bob K3EST for clearly stating the category of an entrant on the CQWW Website. I think this will prevent changing the category by an entrant on the Committee's request as long as it conflicts with the contest Rules.
Besides, it would be great if we turned back to the practice of High Claimed Scores publication, also the claimed points being shown as well.
Just a suggestion, probably because of the current situation the publication of the list of received logs AFTER the deadline would make sense?
Just checked the CQWW Website, EF8M log has been received.But 4L0A, 5B4AII, RZ9OZO log still have not yet been submitted.
Let's have a look at how the Committee follows their own Rules. If the Committee does not follow their own Rules, they can not demand the same from the contest participants.
Today, as of Jan 16th, all the mentioned logs have been received, except the RZ9OZO log.
73 Al 4L5A
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