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CQ Magazine has announced August issue so if you look at it you can see the
winners of the CQ WW DX SSB 2008 contest.
D4C team is not present in the winners list so the circulating rumors
about disqualification of the D4C team have been confirmed: I4YSS,
I4UFH, IZ4DPV, CT1ESV. This has also been confirmed by the D4C project
This is not the only disqualification in this contest, some Eastern
Europe and ex-USSR entrants have also been DQd or moved to another
category. You can see some well-known calls among them.
According to the current CQ Magazine contests rules a disqualified
person is ineligible for an award for one year. If an operator is
disqualified for a second time within 5 years, he will be ineligible
for an award for 3 years. This concerns both as a participant operator
or a station.
The subscribers will be delivered the August issue of the magazine in
the nearest future so we will soon see the 2008 SSB results.
Congratulations go to LY8O with his 1st place in the world in QRP

73 Al 4L5A

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