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Having a glance at CQ WPX SSB 2008 results I have noted the folowing:

Tom 8P5A gained a victory in SOAB category with 20.533 million points, leaving behind the nearest rival FG/OM3LA with 16.105 million points gap.
The best result from ex-USSR was shown by Gia 4L0A (4L4WW) with 10.017 million points, 10th place.
In single-band category the leadership traditionally belongs to south-american stations, 28 mhz - LU1HF, 21 mhz - PP5JR.
Jim CN2R set a new world record on 14 mhz with 15.778 million points, this allowed him hold 2nd place in multi-band category. Jim is a holder of WPX SSB sigle-band records on 1.8, 3.5, 7, 14 mhz.
40 meters winner is ZL3A (ZL3WW) with 8.200 million points.
No one could compete with SN7Q (SP7GIQ) on 80 m.
LY2IJ gained a victory on 160 meters.
P33W team took 2nd place in M/S category with 26.089 million points, 5D5A italian team from Morocco holds the 1st place with 33.065 million points.
In Russia SOAB scores distribution as follows, 6 top scores:
1. RM3F 4.366.560 million points
2. RG3K 3.311.529 million points
3. RS3A 2.966.340 million points
4. UA4WKW 2.681.206 million points
5. RW1ZA 2.592.910 million points
6. UA4FER 2.411.805 million points
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