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D4B D4C NATO Exercise

NATO forces having training close to D4B/D4C position

I think that everyone who had ever visited the D4B or D4C would have noticed that the training is having place in immediate proximity to D4B/D4C position.

It took less than a year after I left for NATO to start their games :-) More:

Speaking in common, local population protest against any military bases, but who knows?
Here are non-amateur consequences after the military trainings:
Hundreds of dolphins ran aground on one of the islands of Cabo-Verde. Local authorities reported the tragedy started in Sunday. Since then more than 300 dolphins ran aground on Boavista island beaches. Only 65 of them have been saved. Vanda Evora (not sure but I think she is Carlos's D44AC wife, and she wrote some books about sea flora and fauna of Cabo-Verde) in her interview to Portuguese news agency tied the mass death of sea mammals with american submarine USS Annapolis which had visited the island in that period. Last week the submarine was at the anchor in Mindelo port on Sao Vicente island, and left the port on Saturday, just before the tragedy started. The biologist reminded that in 2003 the "Nature" scientific magazine publicized the researches about negative effect of sonar sound emission to sea animals behavior. The strong ultrasonic emission from that devices used for acoustic probing the sea depths cause animals to loose their bearings. Dolphins and whales float to surface in panic and run aground. As an evidence the authors, the group of british and spanish researchers, adduce a case of death of 14 whales in Canary islands area in 2002 during international military trainings in that part of the world. Also in november this year spanish biologists blamed the militaries for the death of 24 dolphins in the Mediterranian sea. Here is video how Cape Verdians is helping dolphins

73 Al 4L5A

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