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Disqualified members of the CQ WW Contest Committee

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread

It's going from bad to worse.
I have received a lot of messages showing resentment of the leading contesters by the fact the SO category elimination has been discussed by the CQ WW CC.
Also, I have received some messages on the subject from the CQ WW CC members.
We should also say that some of the CQ WW CC members have been excluded from the discussion.

At least, three of them:
OH2MM - won the CQ WW contests 12 times,
OH2BH - won the CQ WW contests 5 times,
PY5EG - known to everyone of us contester.
These men devoted their lives to contesting !!!
Then what about us, the mortals?

The K3EST Contest Committee members (I can not call it "CQ WW Contest Committee" because of its restrictions) have started vivid discussion on the contest rules. Thanks to your help, my friends, and principled stand of K3ZO, KM3T, K1DG, G3SXW, N2NT, ES5TV, UA9BA the case has been decided in favor of those protesting against the SO category elimination. It will not happen!!!

Now, some of CQ WW CC members worry that unrespected by them 4L5A (not a surprise for me) may take it as his victory.
I would like to say to this CQ WW CC member that 4L5A does not suffer of narcissism and I am very glad that the contesters opinion has finally won.

After publishing the N6TJ's (6 times CQWW winner) open letter Jim has also been told several times that nobody is going to consult with him. Some outsmarted themselves and started attacking Dick N6AA, who won the CQWW 13 times.

I would like to share the news that many CQ WW CC members are not aware of yet. The committee has now a press secterary. I congratulate him and am glad that K3EST has finally followed my (and not only mine) advice. I am pretty sure that Gene W3ZZ will take a principal stand on blaze of publicity and sheding some light on CQ WW actions.

73 Al 4L5A
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  • Callsign: 4L5A
  • 2010-01-19 02:30:36
Unbelivable Walter I not expect that Really crazy K3EST Contest Committee Only loyal to him people is getting messages :-(
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Walter Skudlarek
  • Callsign: DJ6QT
  • 2010-01-19 02:27:48
I also was never contacted by anyone of the CQWW CC in this matter.