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DX Code of Conduct Progress Report

We have made terrific progress since this project was started last spring and our efforts to expand ethical, considerate operating practices on the bands is working.

Phase 1 was to announce the project to major national societies and clubs to encourage their support. Then we acted to have the Code translated into enough languages so that any ham in the world can find it in a language he can understand. The current count is 31.

Phase 2 was to enlist the support of DXpeditions. They can use the Code to tell those DXers who want a QSO what the expedition operators expect. Most of the recent DXpeditions have been eager supporters of the Code, have shown their support at their websites, and given us positive feedback.

As an assist to them we developed some suggested operating practices that DXpedition operators can use to control pileups. We are particularly anxious to reach operators who might be taking their first trip and who may not have as much experience as the pros.

Phase 3 of the initiative is to enlist the cooperation of DX Clubs and DX oriented websites in spreading the word to their members through newsletters, e-mails, and links at their websites. To assist in that, we developed a Power Point presentation that can be used to show the Code at a meeting. We hope you will download the PP and show it at your next club meeting. Feedback will be appreciated.

Upcoming new features will be videos that show live demonstrations of how best to work a DX station in a pileup. We want to demonstrate to newer hams what the best practices are rather than leaving them to learn by listening to some not-so-good practices.

Contesters expressed interest in a Contesters Code of Conduct, so they are developing one, coming soon.

We have received support from many of the national societies, clubs, and amateur radio publications and websites throughout the world. They are eager to spread the word and enthusiasm is high. It is incredibly heartwarming to receive e-mails from grateful hams worldwide telling us how glad they are that we are working on this project. We have had over 9,500 unique visitors to the site and the velocity is increasing. 84% are from non-U.S. entities, so we are getting worldwide support.

You can still be of great help by telling your pals, and if you have not done so already, put a link on your website or personal webpage to tell your visitors you support the Code. Half of our new supporters have linked to us.

With your support we really are winning the battle to make bands more polite and our hobby more enjoyable so a warm
Thank You from all of us.
Randy Johnson W6SJ

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