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D44 Sal Island Cabo Verde

A group of German operators from will be active from Cabo Verde,Sal Island (IOTA AF-086) between March 11-25th 2009.
Each operator will have own callsign. Activity will be on 160-10 meters using CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK31, Hell, Amtor and SSTV.
They plan to have 7 stations with 100 watts and vertical antennas.
Callsigns and qsl info:
Helmut, DL3KBQ (D44TXQ) via home call
Holger, DL1COP (D44TXP) via home call
Jurgen, DJ2VO (D44TXO) via home call
Gerd/DG3KAF (D44TXF) via home call
Henry/DL2RSI (D44TXR) via home call
Peter/DH2KI (D44TXI) via home call
Franz, DL3PS/HB9EHQ (D44TXS) via HB9EHQ

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